10Trax: #12

It's Friday, meaning it's fun day, but before you can go out and grab some cheeky drinks with your friends, you should take a dosage of this week's 10Trax, filled with a few bangers and some soulful moments.

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Friday is ‘fun day’, but before you can go out and grab some cheeky after-work drinks or meet up with friends for a big one, we at Notion Magazine think you should take a liberal dosage of this week’s 10Trax. We have a few bangers, including Idris Elba’s rework of Skepta’s massive track ‘Shut Down’, as well as some soulful moments, such as Benjamin Clementine’s beautiful track, ‘London’. Hit play and power your way through the last few hours of work or studying. The weekend awaits.

Tame Impala – ‘Disciples’

Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala is set to release their third album in mid-July and have released four songs from it early for your ears’ pleasure. We, at Notion Magazine, are particularly fond of this track, ‘Disciples’, which will be the 9th song on the album. The song has summer, surfing vibes intertwined with Kevin Parker’s psychedelic vocals. The track is only 1:48 minutes long, so you’re sure to play it over and over again. The album Currents is set to be released on the 17th of July on Interscope Records.

Benjamin Clementine – ‘London’

10TraxPhoto: Micky Clement

London-born, Paris-based singer Benjamin Clementine debuted the video for ‘London’ this week, the second single from his well-received debut album At Least for Now. With such music legends as Björk and David Byrne taking him under their wing, Clementine has made some waves with his emotive music, which is particularly notable for its flexible songwriting structure. ‘London’ is a beautifully lyrical song about wanderlust and a fractured life, possibly inspired by the singer’s experiences (he has been very frank about some periods of heartbreak and homelessness in his past). ‘London’ is available on Benjamin Clementine’s full-length album At Least for Now, which is out now.

Gener8ion + M.I.A. – ‘The New International Sound Part. II’

We already posted about this song earlier in the week. It’s been playing almost continuously in Notion HQ since then, and we, therefore, felt that this track deserves a place on this week’s 10Trax. Gener8ion, is ‘a new multidisciplinary entity, at the crossing of music, art and fashion’ created by French record label, Bromance. Featuring the iconic artist M.I.A, ‘The International Sound Part II’ is uplifting and triumphant in its lyrics and its overall sound. M.I.A. has had her fair share of mainstream hits, such as ‘Paper Planes’ and ‘Bad Girls’, as well as more in-depth projects. ‘The International Sound Part II’ sounds like a knockout hit, and signals a major return to the limelight for M.I.A. The track, ‘The New International Sound (Part.II)’, is out now and will feature on an upcoming Gener8ion EP yet to be released.

Leo Kalyan – ‘Fingertips’

Leo Kalyan shared his debut single ‘Fingertips’ with us, and we think it’s lush. Rainforest vibes are perfect for a down moment over the weekend. ‘Fingertips’ is the first single Leo Kalyan has released and will feature on his upcoming EP Silver Linings. The track features Kalyan’s distinctive soulful vocals against a vortex of reverb-soaked guitar sounds and an echoing rhythm section. ‘Fingertips’ will launch on July 24th on Believe Records.

Skepta – ‘Shutdown (Idris Elba remix)’

It’s probably safe to say that Skepta is having one of the best years of his life. He was one of the most prominent grime MCs that shared a stage with Kanye West at the 2015 BRIT awards, and just when people started asking whether an American hip-hop superstar needed to champion grime, he silenced any critics with his supremely confident single ‘Shut Down’. Since then, the track has dominated both on radio and TV, an extremely impressive accomplishment for a song that is so unapologetic and uncompromising. This version is not a significant rework, except for the first verse of the track which is masterfully MC’d by actor Idris Elba. Mr Elba spits some big shutdowns while dropping a few veiled references to his TV and film roles, such as Stringer Bell from The Wire, Pacific Rim, Mandela: Walk to Freedom and Luther. Elba hosted his seventh Wallace party last week at Oslo in Hackney, showcasing his longtime dedication to the diversity of the London music scene.

Lucy Rose – ‘Like an Arrow’

English singer-songwriter, Lucy Rose, is set to release her latest album entitled Work it Out and we at Notion Magazine think ‘Like an Arrow’ definitely deserves a place on our 10Trax this week. Booked to perform across Europe and here in the UK, Lucy Rose incorporates a country vibe into this feel-good, love filled track – the perfect song for taking it easy.Her album, Work It Out, is expected to be released on the 6th of July.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘Multi-Love’

Unknown Mortal Orchestra released their third full-length album Multi-Love at the end of last month, and we’re so into it, we decided to include the title track on this week’s playlist. The album is a meandering tribute to polyamory (we’ve heard), and this video in particular showcases the band’s hallucinatory dream-pop both musically and visually, pairing the song’s layered instrumentals and vocals against a trippy kaleidoscopic montage of colours and landscapes. Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s third album Multi-Love is currently available on Jagjaguwar Records.

Jimi Charles Moody – ‘Other Man’

Concerning notability, Jimi Charles Moody is relatively unheard of in the mainstream sphere of music, and so far all of his output has been released semi-anonymously, in that he prefers not to show his face. However, his song ‘Other Man’, should be recognised for what it is: an emotionally driven song about love complimented by soothing vocals and that strong British accent that we can’t get enough of, ‘Other Man’ is simply brilliant. With rumours that Jimi Charles Moody is an alter ego of an already established UK artist, his identity will remain a mystery for now, but one thing is for sure, his sultry singing voice has us excited to hear more.

Jessy Lanza – ‘You Never Show Your Love’ (feat. DJ Spinn, Taso)

Jessy Lanza debuted her new music video this week for ‘You Never Show Your Love’, which is a co-production with Teklife members and heads of the Chicago footwork scene DJ Spinn and Taso. Though you’d normally associate footwork with a more hectic, rattling drum sound designed for the ridiculously fast foot movements of dance battles, on this track the trio have delivered a much slower, tripped-out production that is more in line with Lanza’s spacey RnB style. The video shows Lanza jamming in an industrial car park with a pair of those wacky inflatable waving men, and makes appropriate use of high-frame slow-motion to convey the mind-addling nature of the track. ‘You Never Show Your Love’ is the titular track from Jessy Lanza’s new EP, which will be released July 24th on Hyperdub Records.

Girlpool – ‘Before The World Was Big’

We’ve been admiring Philadelphia-based indie duo Girlpool from afar since hearing this track a couple of months ago. Using only their voices and a lo-fi guitar and bass setup, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad have nevertheless developed a very powerful style of poignant and nostalgic indie pop. ‘Before The World Was Big’ is both the title track from their album and also a great showcase for their music, while the accompanying music video leans hard on its home-made VHS-tape aesthetic. Girlpool’s debut album Before The World Was Big was released on June 1st on Witchita Records.

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