10Trax – Fono Takeover

Fono, one of Manchester's finest new artists, drops his EP today and to celebrate its release, he broke down for us the tunes that made him for an exclusive playlist takeover!

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Manchester might be the UK’s second city, but when it comes to electronic music, it’s basically the first. Between the never-ending closures of London’s clubs and the ever-increasing strength of Manchester’s dance, electronic and grime scenes the home of underground music in the UK might be moving a few hundred miles north. Fono is one of Manchester’s finest new artists. He’s been crafting experimental anthems for a minute now and dropped new single ‘NRG’ earlier this month ahead of the release of his new EP ‘Kinetic.’

That EP drops today (!) and to celebrate its release Fono broke down the tunes that made him for an exclusive playlist takeover.

Massive Attack – ‘Unfinished Sympathy’

Fono: “This is (and probably always will be) my favourite track ever. It’s literally the perfect song for me, there’s a lot of elements of Massive Attack’s music, especially from the ‘Blue Lines’ era. which are still a big inspiration to everything I write.”

SebastiAn – ‘Embody’

Fono: “A lot of the influence in my sound is from those huge sounding french-touch chords, and this for me is the standout track from that whole movement. Instant feel good.”

Machinedrum – ‘The Statue’ 

Fono: “Machinedrum’s style (although completely different to mine) has had a big impact on the way I think about and write music. Every melodic element works so perfectly in harmony, and the relationships all those elements have make his music hugely impactful. This is a lot of what I strive to create.”

Orbital – ‘Chime’ 

Fono: “Something which used to get played around the house a lot as a kid, a pinnacle track for me, which still always gets a good reaction in the club (even if it is 25 years old). Absolute genius.”

Lone – ‘Pineapple Crush’

Fono: “The first Lone track I heard. It kinda reminds me of ‘Chime,’ but modernised and with those familiar elements of the ‘Think Break’. Similar to Machinedrum, I think all the harmonies and chords in Lone’s music are spot on, and that nod to that old school sound a lot of his music has isn’t tacky in the slightest. It’s authentic and feels real; love that.”

Jimmy Edgar – ‘Let Yrself Be’ 

Fono: “I first heard George Fitzgerald playing this about five years ago, and I needed to know what it was. I kinda feel like any other track using the elements this track does would just sound like a cheap rip off piano house, but this just doesn’t, it sounds cool as f**k, and it still ends up in most sets. Jimmy Edgar to me is one of the most forward thinking producers out there, what he does for underground music is hugely inspiring in itself.”

Underworld – ‘Two Months Off’ 

Fono: “Another nostalgic one which was played around me a lot as a kid; so ahead of its time it could’ve been put out yesterday and still sound fresh. A lot of the sounds in this inspired the dancier tracks on my forthcoming EP.”

Dismantle – ‘Warp’

Fono: “As much as all the chord-focused stuff is a big inspiration to me, a lot of the beats I put together are inspired by harder sounding techno/Dutch house and less obvious synth rhythms. This track was a big one for me going back four years to when I was a resident DJ in Brighton and a lot of what motivated me to start writing music in the first place.”

Canblaster – ‘Jetpack’ 

Fono: “The production value on all of Canblaster’s music is next level, and this one again, I used to play a lot before I was making music and just DJing. Always find his tracks motivating to me to try and better my own production (hopefully one day I’ll be that good).”

Maddslinky – ‘Compuphonic’

Fono: “A banger, the synth sound is the perfect balance between ‘making you pull a screw face’ and classy, and as with all of Zed Bias’ beats, you can’t help but dance to it.”

Fono’s new ‘Kinetic’ EP is available today – get it on iTunes here.
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