10Trax: Childish Gambino, Bonobo and Run The Jewels save us from Donald Trump

As an attempt to move on from the Trump disaster, here is this week's 10Trax! Because life goes on and as long as there is life there will be new music.

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It’s been three days, but we’re already bored of writing about how awful Trump is/was/will be so if anyone feels like ending this nightmare already, be our guest. Anyway, like that one Noah and the Whale (remember them?) track says, life goes on, and as long as there’s life on this doomed planet there’ll be new music. Childish Gambino and Bonobo are both back (shout-outs to The xx as well, honorary mention for that comeback) and there’s new Run the Jewels, so it ain’t all bad. It’s still very, very bad though.

Bonobo – ‘Kerala’

Bonobo’s back and just in time. We could all use a dose of his chilled out electronic mastery at the moment and despite its relative energy ‘Kerala’ delivers just that. The accompanying video is a real treat as well, delivering some sliced up street-level drama. Keep an eye out for the tonal car-colour swaps.

Run The Jewels – ‘2100’ Ft. BOOTS

RTJ3 can’t come soon enough. Every cut we’ve heard from it so far has been better than the last and ‘2100’ is no exception. Featuring frequent collaborator BOOTS, it’s the most directly political cut from Mike and El’s third album so far and a timely release in the wake of Trump’s victory.

Taya – ‘Deeper’

NOTION 73 star Taya has been consistently impressing us with her electro-tinged RnB and remarkable voice. New single ‘Deeper’ harks back to the days of post-dubstep with its glitchy, sub-bass riddled instrumental and bungee-chord hooks. One for the Uber ride back from the club tonight.

The Vamps, Matoma – ‘All Night’

If you haven’t been paying attention, we’ve been very excited about The Vamps’ return, and now they’re new single ‘All Night’ has finally got the video treatment. The boys ride BMX’s around town and get up to all kinds of mischief because you know, they’re teen idols!

Ronika – ‘Principle’

This one is in here for the late-80s Madonna vibes.

Desiigner – ‘Zombie Walk’ ft King Savage

This one is the most intelligible single we’ve had from Desiigner so far, and for those of you that haven’t given ‘New English’ a full listen, yes, Desiigner can rap. The video also sees the young GOOD Music signee take a turn at acting as well, even getting the comic book treatment at the end. A good one for those of you who want to pretend it’s still Halloween.

Jamie T – ‘Tescoland’

Jamie T’s quest to become the millennial Billy Bragg continues with pacy new single ‘Tescoland.’ Echoes of The Clash meet Bruce Springsteen, and the result is actually pretty good. Despondent Brits unite, things might be bad, but at least there’s a big ocean between the States and us.

Abra – ‘Pull Up’

Awful Records’ leading lady comes through with another bubblegum-trap-tinged, dystopian-RnB thing. Everything Abra touches is gold at this point so just watch it already, yeah?

Childish Gambino – ‘Me and Your Mama’

For a man so introspective and ‘with it,’ Donald Glover doesn’t half have a habit of picking sus song titles slightly. The first cut off his much anticipated new project Awaken, My Love! is a pretty huge departure from his previous work. Dabbling in Funkadelic worthy grandeur, Gambino ditches the bars in favour of howled James Brown-esque vocals and soulful interludes. We await December 2nd eagerly.

Mura Masa – ‘Love$ick’ ft A$AP Rocky

Mura Masa is great. A$Ap Rocky is great. The original version of this song is great. This one is too. Great / 10.

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