10Trax: Alpines come through with an aquatic-themed takeover

Alpines have a thing for water. We decided to get the pair to take over the playlist with their favourite aquatic themed songs.

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Alpines have a thing for water. When they arrived on the scene in 2014, it was with their debut Oasis, and this year they’ve followed it up with the equally aquatic Another River. With that in mind, we decided to get the pair to take over the playlist with their favourite water-themed songs. Tracks from both their own albums appear, alongside cuts from Nick Drake, TLC and Frank Ocean who, we’re pretty sure, have never been on one playlist together before. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Alpines – ‘Another River’

Alpines: “The opener and title track from our new album. The river is such a great image for the movement of time.”

Florence and the Machine – ‘What The Water Gave Me’

Alpines: “A great example of the power of water as a metaphor. Craig Silvey was mixing this at the same time as we were working with him in 2011, so we heard it for the first time in his studio. It sounded phenomenal.”

TLC – ‘Waterfalls’

Alpines: “A classic song we both grew up listening to and has been on our DJ set for years.”

The xx – ‘Islands’

Alpines: “The xx are one of our favourite bands, and this track is amazing. Romy’s guitar sound is instantly recognisable.”

Frank Ocean – ‘Swim Good’

Alpines: “One of our favourite artists. We respect that he didn’t play it safe when following up the success of Channel Orange.”

Nick Drake – ‘River Man’  

Alpines: “A very moving and beautiful song.”

Brian Eno – ‘Dark Waters’  

Alpines: “Eno is one of Bob’s inspirations because of the way he approaches music conceptually like a true artist. He isn’t worried about what anyone else thinks.”

REM – ‘Nightswimming’

Alpines: “What a great piano part!”

Alpines – ‘Water (Interlude)’

Alpines: “From our debut album.”

Justin Timberlake – ‘Cry Me A River’

Alpines: “Had to be included!”

Eva Cassidy – ‘Wade In The Water’  

Alpines: “This was one of the first songs Cat learned to play on piano. Here is a beautiful version of this track, many artists have covered it over time.”

PJ Harvey – ‘River Anacostia’

Alpines: “A cool track from the really interesting ‘Hope Six Demolition Project’. Another artist who refuses to sit still.”

Grizzly Bear – ‘Deep Blue Sea’

Alpines: “Very creative and atmospheric band.”

Talk Talk – ‘After The Flood’

Alpines: “An amazing track from their final and very dense Laughing Stock album.”

Alpines – ‘Take Me To The Water’

Alpines: “This song on our new album is inspired by our love of soul music and is about getting to the root of feelings and situations.”

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