10Trax: Bad Sounds’ hip hop head takeover

This week Bad Sounds brothers Callum and Ewan take over 10Trax with the biggest hip hop and RnB tracks in their collections and the influence they have on their music.

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Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds are one of the UK’s rising indie hopes. Their groovy mix of Brit-Pop and 70s psychedelia is winning hearts and ears across the country including the like of Annie Mac. We’ve been fans since last year when we premiered their latest single ‘Avalanche.’ Now they’re getting ready to release their debut album and set off on tour across the UK. However what’s less known about the group, particularly brothers Callum and Ewan, is their love of hip hop and RnB. We got the boys to break down the biggest tracks in their collections and the influence they’ve on their music in their exclusive 10Trax takeover.

Young MC – ‘Know How’

Ewan: “The Dust Brothers are one of our biggest influences, this is a pretty early track in their career, but it’s such a banger! I love the way samples don’t loop 100% on beat, and some of them are in different keys, but it still feels amazing.”

A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Check The Rhime’

Callum: “The thing I love about ATCQ, more than all the fly lyrics, more than their voices which have so much character, more than that epic drum sound, I love where they choose to drop out their instrumentation. They always do it in such unusual and unexpected places. “Record company people are shadyyyyyy, so kids watch ya back cos I think they smoke crack, I don’t doubt it, look at how they act.” This track is just the bomb! The kick is my fav too, the really low one.”

Outkast – ‘She Lives In My Lap’

Callum: “I hated this song when I first heard it. The snare drum just made me frown, it’s so high and sits kinda funny in the mix. Now it’s my fave song on the album, and the drums are my favourite part. The vocal delivery is fly as hell too. Andre 3000 is a genius. A song from this half of Speakerboxxx / The Love Below had to make the list because we put it on whenever we’re driving to/from a show.”

Kelis – ‘Milkshake’

Callum: “I’m going through a massive Neptunes binge right now. If someone asked me to describe their production style, I would just put this song on. It’s super sparse, and there is hardly any sense of a chord structure. Just the absolute essentials: dope ass bass synth, bongos, little keyboard thing, a chime, and Kelis’ vocals. Massive banger.”

Madonna – ‘Beautiful Stranger’

Ewan: “This track is such a weird pop song, there are loads of weird sections that seem like they shouldn’t work together if you pick them apart, but they are put together so seamlessly that it becomes this perfect recording that feels effortless. And that organ sound just does it for me!”

Beastie Boys – ‘Shake Your Rump’ 

Ewan: “Beastie Boys are the coolest people ever! Again, this is a Dust Brothers production. One of my favourite things they do (and they do it a lot in this) is randomly changing the main breakbeat to a different sample for a bar. It makes the track suddenly feel totally different for a few seconds before going back to the main groove. We’ve tried doing this a lot in our tracks.”

Missy Elliott – ‘The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)’

Ewan: “This is one of my favourite Missy Elliott tracks. That jeep line is cool AF! The way she blends sound effects/made up words with lyrics is something that I think is totally unique to her. I’ve pretty much had nothing but Missy Elliott on this year.”

Jackie Mittoo – ‘Summer Breeze’

Ewan: “This is possibly my favourite cover ever. The vocal sound and whole groove/vibe of the track gives me goosebumps. Our uncle was a massive reggae fan which had an influence on our entire family, and I’m really grateful for it.”

Marvin Gaye – ‘Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)’

Callum: “Me and Ewan went to see “Whiplash” when it came out. The trailers started, and we were just chatting and catching up before the film started. Then out of bloody nowhere the trailer for “A Most Violent Year” came on (featuring this song) and our jaws just hit the floor. Now, we were big fans of Marv anyway, massive fans, but we’d never heard this song sound that good. Now every time I hear that “tingaling” triangle sound it takes me back to that shared “Holy shit!” moment with my bro.”

D’Angelo – ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’ 

Callum: “This is just my favourite song at the minute. From D’Angelo’ s Voodoo album (one of my fav albums…deffo top 10 material) although he didn’t write this song, it was originally written by Roberta Flack, this version is my jam.”

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