10Trax: all the music you should listen to if you can’t listen to Jay-Z’s new album

Kacy Hill, Kendrick Lamar, St. Vincent and more come through with the best new music of the week.

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It’s finally pay day and what better way to spend your hard-earned cash than on a heap of new music? The end of the month has bought with it a host of excellent new releases with new albums from Kacy Hill, Lapalux and (I really can’t believe I’m saying this) even Clavin Harris (more on him later). Notice there’s a big Jay-Z sized gap in that list because, despite the fact he dropped his first set of tracks post-Lemonade today, I can’t listen to it because, obviously, I didn’t subscribe to Tidal before its release and new customers don’t have access to the album.

So, if you wanted to see which track made the cut for this week’s playlist then look elsewhere dear reader for there is nary a mention of Shawn Carter in sight. Instead here’s a list of all the great music out this week that you, the average music fan, can actually listen to without being drawn into whatever Jay-Z’s badly played game is.

Tyler, The Creator – ‘Who Dat Boy ft. A$AP Rocky’

Tyler goes back to his roots for the utterly terrifying ‘Who Dat Boy.’ Choppily samples strings creak and the beat slithers and shudders its away under Tyler and Rocky’s aggressive flows. The video sees Rocky perform a face transplant on Tyler before the pair flee the cops and wind up in a cherry blossom filled park, ‘Who Dat Boy’s creepy vibe giving way to a new track with his former Odd Future crewmates Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy,’Mr Lonely /911’ which you should also listen to in full.

Kacy Hill – ‘Like A Woman’

Kacy Hill has been about to blow for years now. Signed to GOOD Music and championed by Kanye himself, the music world has been eagerly anticipating her debut album, and today it finally drooped. Title track ‘Like A Woman’ is a perfect example of her sensual, deeply personal take on RnB and soul, undeniably sexy yet avoiding the exploitative or overtly victimising stereotypes many female artists in the genre are pushed into.

King Henry – ‘Destiny ft. RY X’

King Henry has produced with everyone from Major Lazer to Beyonce, so the prospect of him stepping out as an artist in his own right is a very exciting one. His first track of the year ‘Destiny’ with RY X is a spiralling, not quite house not quite garage cut that hits the balance between underground and high street just right, drop this one at your house party to get all the heads nodding.

Kendrick Lamar – ‘ELEMENT’

If anyone is gonna take the ‘visual album’ crown from Beyonce anytime soon, it’s gonna be Kendrick. Every video Kenny has dropped since Good Kid, MAAd City has been a work of art and obviously ‘ELEMENT’ is no different. We all know who the greatest rapper alive really is.

Calvin Harris – ‘Slide ft. Migos, Frank Ocean’

Jay-Z related fuckery aside, the real question in music this week is what the hell was Calvin Harris doing pumping out EDM chart fodder when he could have been making an album like Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 for the last five years? I know that the first album has some jams, but jeez, this is actually a good album by Calvin Harris who until now was rivalled only by David Guetta as the most boring DJ/ producer on the circuit. Anyway, ‘Slide’ is still the best track on the album, shout outs to ‘Heatstroke’ as well.

Dan Caplen – ‘Flat Champagne ft. Ray BLK’

Ray BLK has already proved herself as the best singer/MC in South and with her latest moves it looks like she’s going for that pop appeal too. ‘Flat Champagne’ is a synthy, braggy but not too braggy alt-pop cut that’s bound to be bothering the Top 20 in coming weeks. Love those gang vocals at the end too.

Mura Masa – ‘Blu ft. Damon Albarn’

You know Mura Masa’s debut album is gonna be a big deal when he puts the track with Damon Albarn as the B-Side to his new single. We’re not really sure why as this is clearly the better track of the two he just released (sorry Christine, still love you!) but there you go.

Arcade Fire – ‘Signs of Life’

In case you had any doubts after ‘Everything Now’ and ‘Creature Comforts’ yes, Arcade Fire are going full disco for their new album. It’s existentialist disco full of not so subtle commentary on modern society of course, but it’s disco nonetheless. ‘Signs of Life’ is arguably the best single so far and definitely, has the best video, part French new wave, part X-Files, it’s a romantic surrealist thriller condensed into four and a half minutes, up there with ‘ELEMENT’ for video of the week.

Wiki – ‘Pretty Bull’

Ratking may be all but over but hey, Wiki just signed to XL so there’s good news for fans of the rowdy New York posse. For those that don’t know, Wik has already worked with King Krule and Skepta so he should be firmly on your radar. ‘Pretty Bull’ is a perfect example of why; raw and with production that sounds like neo-Wu Tang, its the most down to earth party cut you’ll hear all week.

St. Vincent – ‘New York’

Annie’s back! St. Vincent is need like never before, especially with Katy Parry weirdly biting Digital Witness right now and ‘New York’ is a brilliant re-introduction. The most luscious and choral work she’s done since Love This Giant.

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