10Trax: Aphex Twin will never run out of ways to freak you the fuck out

Aphex Twin and Tyler the Creator go head to head for best video of the week and Conner Youngblood takes us to Nashville on acid.

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This week was supposed to belong to Nicki Minaj. Solidifying her comeback (as if an ever-present features rapper like Nicki could ever leave) Queen was supposed to be stealing headlines and snatching wigs from start to finish. Instead, this week’s press frenzy has belonged to another musical behemoth, this time from the revered coasts of Cornwall. I speak of course, of Aphex Twin who out-surprised Minaj this week by announcing a new EP with a series of cryptic posters across the world and the best music video of the week hands down. Throw in a new video from Tyler the Creator and yet another Skepta and Suspect team-up and Nicki’s in serious danger of being eclipsed. ‘Barbie Dreams’ bangs though.

DRAM – ‘Best Hugs’

DRAM heads to a swinger’s party in the video for ‘Best Hugs’ which is both highly entertaining and a little disturbing. I don’t why they’re microwaving that watermelon, well maybe I do, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in more than a few states.

Tyler the Creator – ‘See You Again’

Wolf Hayley does it again in the big-budget video for ‘See You Again’. There’s Golf Le Fleur military wear, Kali Uchis stranded in a lifeboat and even a scene where Tyler, dressed a ghost, turns into a swarm of bees.

Father – ‘Lotto ft. ABRA’

Awful Records A-listers and our Notion 80 cover stars, ABRA and Father join forces on Fat’s new lo-fi trap banger ‘LOTTO’. Come for Fat’s flow and stay for ABRA’s casino cowgirl vibes.

Risky Roadz X Skepta X Suspect X Shailan – ‘Stay With It’

Risky Roadz never fails to deliver on the visual front and any track that involves both Skepta and Suspect will never fail to deliver on the ‘undeniable banger’ front, so this is a victory all around.

Nicki Minaj – ‘Barbie Dreams’

It’s nice to see Nicki sending for the boys and not being forced to be Cardi B’s rival for once. If there’s any justice in the world, that DJ Khaled diss will end his career. I’ve got my fingers crossed this track starts the rap beef of the year, though don’t expect Drake to respond anytime soon.

Mura Masa – ‘Complicated ft. NAO’

Mura Masa and NAO throw the house party of your teenage dreams in the stylish new video for ‘Complicated’. Why aren’t our lives filmed on constantly rotating film cameras?

SG Lewis x Clairo – ‘Better’

This is the most aesthetic episode of Lizzie McGuire ever.

Conner Youngblood -‘Pizza Body’ 

If Justin Vernon was born in the south and took a little more acid he’d probably sound a lot like Conner Youngblood. ‘Pizza Body’ is the latest taste of Youngblood’s debut album which is going to be totally sublime we guarantee.

MØ – ‘Sun In Our Eyes’ 

Our third Notion 80 cover star with a new release this week, MØ comes through with the perfect late-summer video for ‘Sun In Our Eyes’. Take us to the Scandinavian coast immediately.

Aphex Twin – ‘T69 Collapse’

Aphex Twin has always pushed things to the limit and while ‘T69 Collapse’ isn’t his most out-there track sonically, combined with this video it’s one intense ride. This is the only music video I would ever want to watch in VR.

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