10Trax: Bright Light Bright Light’s disco deep cuts

Bright Light Bright Light comes through with the playlist full of end of summer disco hits.

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It’s taken the best part of thirty years but disco has finally come in from the cold. After years of neglect a disco revival has hit the music world, sweeping along everyone from Arcade Fire to Lapsley with its signature groove. The reasons for the revival are multitude, from the increased popularity of drag culture which has always had a strong love for disco to a general nostalgia trip back to the late 70s (there are people wearing flares in east London now) and early 80s in recent years. No matter what the reason though, it’s been great and we’ve been enjoying what little summer we’ve had soundtracked by many a rediscovered disco gem. In honour of the summer coming to an end (and the release of his new EP with Scissor Sister’s Ana Matronic) we got disco fan extraordinaire Bright Light Bright Light to compile his end of summer anthems for this week’s playlist.

Bette Midler – ‘Do You Want To Dance’

“Bette Midler’s dreamy version of the Bobby Freeman classic for me is one of the most sun-kissed, blissful songs. Perfect for end of summer bliss.”

Donna Summer – ‘Last Dance’

“There are infinite gorgeous Donna Summer moments to pick from, but as one that marks the end of the summer, that you’re not ready to let go of, this song is pretty much perfect.”

Salsoul Orchestra ft Loleatta Holloway – ‘Seconds (Shep Pettibone Mix)’

“Loleatta’s is such a powerhouse vocalist. I discovered this track pretty late in the game, and it’s become one of my absolute favourites. “Must have seconds of love” is such a great hook.”

France Joli – Gonna Get Over You

“Everything about this song is perfect. The intro, the arrangement … lots of my DJ friends hold this as one of their favourite tracks from the early 80s, and I totally agree. It sounds magic any time of any day.

Diana Ross – ‘The Boss’

“This album (of the same name) is my favourite Diana Ross album, and every time I hear the intro to this track I’m taken to a glorious sunny day and feel on top of the world. It’s just so euphoric, and her vocals are perfect.

Mariah Carey ft Wale – ‘You Don’t Know What To Do’

“From her underrated 2014 Me … I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse album. I think this is one of her best songs, it’s GLORIOUS. The lyrics are fun and the disco throwback references are so well executed. I love the whole album, actually, but this song I DJ and play to death every summer.”

Kylie Minogue – ‘So Now Goodbye’

“Kylie’s Light Years album was my coming-of-age and coming-out album, and this song (while not a single) was played in my local gay club a lot, and has remained one of my favourites of hers. She’s the perfect pop star really isn’t she? And this song shows off all her best parts: it’s catchy, well-written, with gorgeous production and a killer vocal.”

Moony – ‘Dove (I’ll Be Loving You)’

“This song was HUGE my first summer of University. I was driving around the UK to visit Uni friends, and working in a gay bar in Swansea where I’d play it in the sunshine. I love this song SO MUCH. The lyrics are really interesting for a mainstream dance hit, and the vocal harmonies go to somewhat left of centre places when you listen carefully. It’s a giant dance hit way smarter than it needs to be, and I love it for its intricacies as well as its surface level dancefloor euphoria.

Sylvester – ‘Someone Like You’

“I think Sylvester’s whole catalogue could basically soundtrack a summer of first day to last day at the beach. His voice is timeless and unique, and his albums weave through so many moods you could have all kinds of adventures through them. I picked this one as he sounds so fired up and fierce, and it makes me think of meeting someone on holiday that you can’t stop thinking about. Plus, Sylvester’s hair in the video.

Whitney Houston – ‘Love Is A Contact Sport’

Oh, this woman. That voice. Of all her songs, and all the hits that I love so much, this is one that gets me every time. She sounds so full of life and joy on it. Not a single, but one of her most infectious. What a lyric, and what a delivery. And definitely one of the fan favourites. Every time I DJ this at my tea dances, people’s faces light up. It’s a beautiful reminder of the peak of an artist’s shining career.”

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