10Trax: Camila Cabello and other assorted new music

NB: Future released or featured on at least four songs this week. One of them is in this playlist. Which one? Only time (spent listening to, and considering the moving commentary accompanying each song) will tell.

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Last week may have brought us a misguided robot Timberlake but this week is the first real heavy-hitter for new releases in 2018. Over the last seven days, we’ve been gifted with new music from Jorja Smith, Car Seat Headrest, JD Reid and Dua Lipa. Yes, it’s  #CamilaDay, I know. So the new Camila Cabello single (probably) makes an appearance as well. Also, there’s something about Kendrick, James Blake, Future and Jay Rock on a Mike WiLL joint? You don’t care about though I’m sure…

JD Reid – ‘Just Know ft Henry Wu, Venna’

The UK jazz and grime crossover has been on the horizon ever since Mez jumped on that Tussef Kamal instrumental last year but it’s never been fully realised until now. JD Reid combines live piano and sax courtesy of Henry Wu and Venna with chopped up D Double E bars and delicate production and makes it sound smooth as you like. Ten hundred thousand flame emojis for this one.

Jorja Smith – ‘Let Me Down ft Stormzy’

It’s new Jorja Smith, there’s a Stormzy verse, it’s not quite ‘On My Mind’ levels of classic but it’s good. Will this be the year that we get a debut album from Jorja Smith? I bloody hope so.

Melissa Laveaux -‘Nan Fon Bwa’

Melissa Laveaux is Canadian and Haitian and unlike almost every Arcade Fire song that tries to combine those two musical styles is really good (still have love for ‘Here Comes the Nighttime’ don’t @ me). ‘Nan Fon Bwa’ is a cheery, Carribean-tinged anthem that draws on her Haitian roots gracefully.

David Byrne – ‘Everybody’s Coming to My House’ 

No matter how much people rate the Talking Heads, David Byrne will always be underappreciated. This is like that one LCD Soundsystem song but if it was on the final David Bowie album and if that doesn’t sound good to you-you may as well stop reading this article now.

Car Seat Headrest – ‘Nervous Young Inhumans’

Will Toledo returns with a new single that’s actually an old song but a new version. Confused? You should be.

Jack White – ‘Respect Commander’

Noone I show this to is as excited by Jack White’s weird funkadelic experimentation as I am. Maybe I’m just a sucker for full orchestra hits (I definitely am) but more of the first minute and a half of this, please.

Dua Lipa – ‘IDGAF’

Stylised group choreography worked for ‘New Rules’ and damn it if this higher budget more sci-fi looking version won’t work for ‘IDGAF’ too. Still not convinced that the best way to prove you don’t give a fuck about someone is to write, and then release as a single, a song about them though.

Marshmello, Lil Peep – ‘Spotlight’

This sounds uncannily like a nu-metal/ rap rock track that would’ve come out when I was 14 and I would have been very into. It might be the clearest realisation of what Lil Peep was all about I’ve heard so far. RIP Lil Peep.

Camila Cabello – ‘Never Be the Same’ 

It’s not official yet but this looks like the next single from Camila Cabello’s debut album (it’s out today, did you know?). Record labels don’t pull out the massive mirror budget for album track y’know. Also, I would like to apologise for making you look at/ hear Jimmy Fallon, however brief it may have been.

Jay Rock – ‘King’s Dead ft. Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake ‘

Did you really think I wouldn’t include this? With a feature list like that there was a very real risk that this was going to be a disappointment. It’s not. That said, unless James Blake is doing some production wizardry what a waste of a feature, scrap the weird high-pitched Future yelping and give the man a real verse.

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