10Trax: D.R.A.M gets Cute for Valentine’s Day, Cosmo Pyke brightens up our week and DJ Khaled shines with Beyoncé and Jay Z

Start your Valentine's weekend right with the best new music from the last seven(ish) days.

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Love was in the air for a lot of this week’s new releases; from D.R.A.M to Thundercat, no-one has been safe from the Valentine’s Day spirit. Fear not, though, because if Valentine’s isn’t your bag, or if you left a bag with a present for your valentine on the train on your way to work, there’s plenty of exciting new releases that are perfectly loveless. Get stuck in.

Big Baby D.R.A.M – ‘Cute’ 

It’s a great time to be a puppeteer in hip hop. First Chance came through with his puppet production team on ‘Same Drugs’, and now D.R.A.M has enlisted a felt alter-ego for his insanely catchy Big Baby… cut, ‘Cute.’

DJ Khaled – ‘Shining’ ft Beyoncé and Jay Z 

The celebration track for what should have been Beyoncé’s Album of the Year win at the Grammy’s, ‘Shining’ may not the victory lap it was intended to be, but it’s still a jam. Rapping Beyoncé is the best Beyoncé; Jay Z’s verse is okay too, we guess.

Jesca Hoop – ‘Memories Are Now’

Fans of St.Vincent pay attention to this one. Jesca Hoop is Sub Pop’s guitar-wielding, abstract pop maestro and she’s got a real knack for breaking a song down to its simplest parts. The video is a surrealist joy of collage and visual effects as well.

Thundercat – ‘Friend Zone’ 

Process is out and everything I wanted it to be, which means that Drunk is the album I’m now officially ‘most hype’ for. Just listen to those oscillating synth and basslines and tell me that everything Thundercat touches isn’t gold.

Animal Collective – ‘Kind of Bonkers’

From one psychedelic animal to a whole group of them now and Animal Collective have returned with a new EP. Compared to tracks like ‘FloriDada’, ‘Kind of Bonkers’ is pretty tame, which is I guess why they called it that. It’s still exactly the kind of bizarro groove-laden indie you’d expect from Avey, Panda and co. though.

Dedekind Cut – ‘Lil Puffy Coat’

Fair warning: I know the title of this track sounds like an irreverent bubblegum trap song about your new favourite rapper’s new favourite coat, but it’s actually a mildly terrifying, incredibly dark ambient cut that will haunt your dreams for the next week. If ambient music can ‘bang’ then this bangs.

Clipping. – ‘Back Up’ ft. Antwon, Sir Benedick The Moor 

Keeping things industrial, scary and just, well, noisy, Clipping dropped their horrifying new video for Wiggle cut ‘Back Up’ this week. Antwon comes through with a brutal opening verse before main man Daveed Diggs takes on the hook, striking terror into the hearts of everyone that stumbled across Clipping. while looking for clips of Hamilton online.

Joey Bada$$ – ‘Victory’

I mean, yeah, this song is technically for a campaign that Mountain Dew are doing with the NBA, which, let’s be real, is kinda whack from a guy who once claimed to be ‘Christ Conscious’ but, it’s the first new Joey Bada$$ we’ve had in a while, and this beat really does knock, so we’ll let it slide.

The Rhythm Method – ‘Cruel’ ft. Zoee

The first glimmer of hope that spring will soon come, this new track from rock-steady rockers Rhythm Method is an ironically sunny ode to drug dependency released on valentines day, tied together with sober spoken word and produced by none other than ‘king of this shit’ Mike Skinner.

Cosmo Pyke – ‘Chronic Sunshine’ 

Cosmo Pyke has been bubbling away for a lil while now and now, fresh from modelling in Notion 74 he’s dropped a brand new track that has us longing for summer days and ‘Chronic Sunshine.’ The winter’s nearly over lads.

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