10Trax: Dave gets his revenge, Beth Ditto starts a fight and Harry Styles steps out on his own

Here's all the tracks you'll need to ease the pain of Kendrick not dropping that album.

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Like many music fans, I woke up this morning buzzing with the hope and promise of a new Kendrick Lamar album. As you’re no doubt aware, the album has not come out. Instead, we have promise of a new album next Friday and a new Harry Styles song, so you can imagine how I feel about that. On the plus side we also have new music and videos from Dave, Björk, Feist and Beyoncé, so that eases the pain. Special mentions to Father John Misty and Future Islands whose albums did drop today.

Harry Styles – ‘Sign of the Times’

The Notion office is divided in our opinion of this one. So instead of our opinion we’re just going to link to the opinions of some of our esteemed colleagues.

Björk – ‘Notget’

We like to cater to a a diverse audience at Notion, so immediately after Harry Style’s solo debut here’s Björk with a Virtual Reality video for her Vulnicura cut ‘Notget’.

Melle Brown – ‘Bloom’

If there’s one thing the universe can surely agree on it’s that nothing is better than a well-flipped brass sample. Up and comer Melle Brown leans hard on the saxophone for this track of her debut EP and has every reason to. Your ‘sunset moment’ for this week.

SAINT WKND – ‘Make You Mine’ ft Boy Matthews 

If you thought The Weeknd had a lax approach to vowels, wait until you get into hot new producer SAINT WKND.

Noga Erez – ‘Off The Radar’

Noga Erez is in all the right places right now. She’ll be gracing both Visions and The Great Escape with her presence this summer, and she’s supporting both Sylvan Esso and Tyler, The Creator on tour. You shouldn’t need any more reasons to care about her but if you do ‘Off The Radar’ is the most compelling argument she’s made yet.

Dave -‘ Revenge’ 

Staying firmly in ‘Oooh that’s a nice synth’ territory and Dave has come through with another lyric-laden single. ‘Revenge’ is yet another showcase of the South Londoner’s ridiculous gift for bars. The game is Dave’s but he’s too nice to claim it.

Ms Banks – ‘OMG’

If that Dave track didn’t fulfil your craving for bars this week, then consider this new one form Ms Banks. It’s high-energy, the beat is nuts and the video is full of race cars.

Fredwave – ‘Pray’ 

How can something so glitchy be so soothing? I hear you ask. We don’t know either, but we’re pretty sure Fredwave must be magic.

Beth Ditto – ‘Fire’

Beth Ditto dropping the video for ‘Fire’ was exactly the excuse we needed to gush about it all over again. If anyone has ever played chewing gum like a guitar string before they’ve never done it as cool as Beth Ditto just did.

Feist – ‘Courage’

Feist is sounding very 90s PJ Harvey right now and this Jarvis Cocker collab isn’t doing much to challenge that. Between this and ‘Pleasure’, all signs point to an excellent new album from Leslie.

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