10Trax: Dave kills the competition, Lorde keeps the party going and Radiohead return to the past

Plus new heat from SZA, Fekky, Arcade Fire and more.

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It was looking like a slow week for new releases, generally speaking, as festival season starts to warm up, the big releases tend to slow down, but then Arcade Fire AND Radiohead came through with new (well, kind of old in Radiohead’s case) music and balance was restored. There’s also new cuts from Dave, emergent pop queen Lorde, TDE’s first lady SZA and Swedish disco master Todd Terje. Oh and a new 13 minute epic from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, obviously.

Radiohead – ‘I Promise’

Let’s start with the big guns shall we? It’s been twenty years since OK Computer and as part of the celebrations Radiohead have released a track from cutting room floor ‘I Promise.’ They’ve even given the track the full animatronic head video treatment, adding to the tender yet uncanny feel of ‘I Promise.’ Why they threw this track out twenty years ago is beyond any of us.

Arcade Fire – ‘Everything Now’

I said we were starting big and this week, there’s no track bigger than Win Butler and co.’s latest track. ‘Everything Now’ is indie, socio-political disco at it’s finest and we suspect there are already several essays being written about the video / Arcade Fire’s coming re-invention. Bring it on.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – ‘Lorde of Lightening vs Balrog’ 

Quite frankly it doesn’t matter if you don’t like King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, they’re still the greatest psychedelic rock band recording today. Their set at Field Day tomorrow is going to be utter chaos and ‘Lord of Lightening vs Balrog’ is responsible for a decent chunk of that chaos. Scream it with me now: “Balrog! Balrog! Balrog!”

Dave – ‘100M’s’

Admittedly 13 minute psychedelic noise rock tracks that reference Lord of the Rings are quite hard to follow in a playlist so i’m just going to go with ‘100M’s’ next because it’s probably the only other track this week which could match KG&LW for mosh-pit inducing abilities.

Lorde – ‘Perfect Places’

We’re just two weeks away from Melodrama so get ready for wall to wall Lorde coverage from all your favourite music writery types. ‘Perfect Places’ continues Lorde’s hot streak so far, if ‘Everything Now’ isn’t the festival anthem of the summer then this probably will be.

Todd Terje – ‘Maskindans’

Todd Terje takes on a deep cut from Det Glyne Triangel on his new cut. The synths are chunky, the bass is squelchy and the sound effects are weird as fuck; a glorious slice of acid house revivalism for your weekend.

Mike WiLL Made-It – ‘Perfect Pint’

Bet you never thought these four would be on a track together eh? Mike WiLL and co gets all Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the video for this mob cut of all mob cuts. Yes, that is Gucci Mane dressed as an astronaut while a woman ride a Kangaroo in the background, what of it?

Fifth Harmony – ‘Down (Ft. Gucci Mane)’ 

Fifth Harmony drop their first track since Camila Cabello’s departure and it’s got a Gucci Mane feature on. This is a big move. Also, between these last two tracks and Drop Top Wop, Gucci is on a roll this week.

Fekky X Ghetts – ‘Call Me Again’ 

Fekky and Ghetts team up for ‘Call Me Again’ and it’s just as mad as you’d expect from these two. Fekky’s flow rides the beat expertly while Ghetts darts around it hyperactively, bars all round.

SZA – ‘Broken Clocks’

SZA’s new album is shaping up to be huuuuge. As if getting the RZA to announce her album wasn’t enough this week’s she’s come through with the jaw dropping ‘Broken Clocks.’ Roll on next week!

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