10Trax: Where Disclosure fear to tread

Fuck what you heard about the bank holiday curse, we've got ten new tracks and they're all fire.

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It’s the Friday before Carnival and also Reading and Leeds weekend which means that no-one dares to release anything big this week, no-one that is other than Dev Hynes. The former Test Icicle and man best known as Blood Orange dropped his new album, Negro Swan, today and it’s as poetic and nuanced as you expect from Dev at this point. Oh yeah, there’s new Disclosure as well, and new Christine and the Queens, maybe this no big releases thing is bullshit after all.

Disclosure – ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread

Anyone that thinks this isn’t the best of Disclosure’s flurry of releases this week is severely deluded. Flying Lotus was doing shit like this ten years ago, sure, but it’s still great.

Christine and the Queens – ‘La marcheuse’

I have no idea what she’s singing but all-French Christine songs need more appreciation tbh, the middle eight on this is spine-tingling.

Noga Erez – ‘CASH OUT’

Industrial, unsettling and every bit as boundary-pushing as anything else coming out of the global electronic underground, don’t sleep on Noga Erez.

slowthai – ‘Drug Dealer’

slowthai’s music is the auditory equivalent of that scene in Oldboy where Choi Min-sik beats the living shit out of about fifty henchmen at once. “This that Kanye West shit blud, turn you crazy” is the lyric of the year.

D Double E – ‘Jackuum Freestyle’

It’s been a loooong time coming but D Double E finally has an album coming out. Only Double would announce the tracklist with a freestyle, if this doesn’t convince you to buy the album then there’s no hope for you.

MoStack – ‘Litness’

From an old-school legend to a quickly emerging new one. MoStack is pushing this afroswing thing to the next level, his bars are goofy, the beats are sunny as fuck and you just can’t deny that this is a late summer hit. Not sure what it is with UK rappers and Spanish-speaking women though, did they just borrow that from the US?

Popcaan – ‘Body So Good (Mr Eazi remix)’

It’s Carnival weekend so obviously Popcaan’s dropping a Mr Eazi remix to the best track on his new album. Watch the entirety of West London whine to this on Monday afternoon.

Grace Carter – ‘Why Her Not Me’

Grace Carter is coming straight for the ‘Adele-style betrayal anthem’ on her new track ‘Why Her Not Me’. All rising chord progressions and belting choruses, this is going to wind up playing over the emotional climax of a Hollywood blockbuster real soon.

Cautious Clay – ‘Crowned’

Cautious Clay comes through with a slightly sleepy alt-R&B anthem. This has all of the cold distance of the Weeknd but manages to avoid falling into the pit of glibness that Abel lurks in these days.

Blood Orange – ‘Chewing Gum’

Dev’s new album being out is a good a reason as any to revisit this fucking spectacular performance of ‘Chewing Gum’. I’m glad stuff like this happens on American TV, can you imagine Dev Hynes on like the One Show?

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