10Trax: Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years

Florence, Nicki, Young Thug and Kamasi Washington all return to our ears this week, plus JGrrey and Easy Life proves the UK underground is healthy as ever.

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Between the recent onslaught of bank holidays and the exciting run of takeovers that we’ve had in the last few weeks it’s been awhile since we had a good old rummage through the week’s best new releases. Yet, like a true friend we’re here when you need us most, the biggest New Music Friday this side of well, last week. Last week was ridiculous but never mind we’re here now. This week sees headline-making returns from Nicki Minaj and Florence and the Machine. Whatsmore this week has seen new releases from jilted former Hadid lovers Zayn and the Weeeknd, though neither of those songs are in this week’s playlist because they’re both pretty underwhelming tbh. Instead scroll down and you’ll find new tracks from Loski, BICEP, Janelle Monae, JGrrey and a very welcome return from the slime god himself, Young Thug.

Florence and the Machine –  ‘Sky Full of Song’

*extremely Chandler Bing voice* I mean could this song title BE anymore ‘Florence and the Machine’? *ahem* Sorry. Anyway, Flo peels it all back for this one, with gives it a very folsky, even sea shanty-esque feel until the bass comes in. An understated, considered comeback, there’s a few returning stars who could take a leaf from this book.

JGrrey – ‘Growing’

Keeping things in the realm of London-based singers, JGrrey’s new one is just as dreamy and luscious as anything she’s put out so far. The beat behind ‘Growing’ is warm as a greenhouse, which is appropriate, roll on summer so I can listen to this on lounging on the grass of *insert local park of your choice here*.

Superorganism – ‘Night Time’

Is it me, or is this what the Klaxons would sound like now if they’d left nu-rave behind and embraced pop’s low-key psychedelia obsession?

Easy Life – ‘0520’

Easy Life’s new mixtape is out today and it’s a very promising slice of low-key hip hop, indie and blissed out beats of all varieties. It’s all great but ‘0530’ made the playlist purely because of that wailing little keyboard riff of an intro, very clean.

Kamasi Washington – ‘Fists of Fury’

Everyone’s favourite jazz man returns with this almost ten-minute odyssey of a track. There are honks, there are hoots, there are some spooky vocals, it makes you feel like you’re in the weirdest James Bond movie of all time. What more do you people need?

Janelle Monae – ‘PYNK’

Janelle Monae is wearing vagina trousers in the video and Grimes helped produce this track so you really don’t need to hear anything from me about this.

Nicki Minaj – ‘Barbie Tingz’

Nicki isn’t pulling any punches with her two new singles. Whatever you think of all the drama surrounding this comeback there’s no denying ‘Barbie Tingz’ is Nicki on top form.

Young Thug – ‘Anybody ft. Nicki Minaj’

Young Thug comes through with an unexpected new track giving Nicki her second appearance in this week’s playlist. ‘Anybody’ is pretty pop-oriented for the man who made ‘Best Friend’ but the fact you can actually hear his lyrics now is no bad thing.

Loski – ‘Forest Gump’

Sadly this isn’t the UK drill cover of Frank Ocean that I’ve been waiting for but this ‘Forest Gump’ is still pretty good. Loski already looked set to be the first breakout star of the star and this is only furthering his case.


Let’s end this week on a belter, shall we? BICEP’s new one is typically huge and comes with a weird snake-monster heavy video that also features clips from classic movies for some reason. We say let it rain!

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