10Trax: don’t worry everyone, MGMT are still very, very weird

New MIST, Avelino and IAMDDB go up against Nilüfer Yanya, Blue Lab Beats and Frankie Cosmos in this week's playlist and everyone's a winner.

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I never thought it would happen but indie might be slowly recovering from the horrific rule of The Wombats et al. New tracks from MGMT, Frankie Cosmos and Nilüfer Yanya offer a glimmer of hope for guitar wielders everywhere this week. Meanwhile, Jorja Smith crops up on the Black Panther OST and Jessie Ware and MIST take home unlikeliest collaboration of the week with ‘Wish Me Well.’

Blue Lab Beats – ‘Pineapple ft. Moses Boyd, Nerija’ 

I will never stop being excited by how good London’s jazz scene is. Every artist has their own take on the genre’s rich history and Blue Lab Beats are no exception. ‘Pineapple’ is a dusty, sunny piece blessed by features from Nrija and London’s go-to drummer Moses Boyd.

IAMDDB – ‘Conjuring’

Anyone worried that IAMDDB was going to tone it down after hitting it big with ‘Shade’, look no further than ‘Conjuring’. A gothic, over the top trap banger, oozing with cinematic drama it’s exactly what you want from her.

Bad Gyal – ‘Blink’

Bad Gyal heads to Mexico in the video for her new Florentino-produced single ‘Blink’. A nod to the history of reggaeton, she dances the perreo in flower markets, hotel rooms and a weird concrete bunker thing.

Avelino – ‘U Can Stand Up ft. Dave’

Avelino and Dave are the leading lights of their generation of UK rap. ‘U Can Stand Up’ is an uplifting lifting anthem that sees them both on top form.

Frankie Cosmos – ‘Being Alive’

Frankie Cosmos manage to be both frantic and serene on new single ‘Being Alive’ which is also a pretty good summary of their entire career to date. Can we take a moment to appreciate the excellent guitars in this video as well?

MGMT – ‘Me and Michael’ 

After so long away and with so many changes in the world, you’d think MGMT would have a hard time being as weird as they were back in the day but here they are with the video for ‘Me and Michael’. A parody of their own comeback, the duo steal a song they found on the internet and claim it as their own. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out well.

MIST – ‘Wish Me Well ft. Jessie Ware’

This was an unexpected collaboration but a pleasant surprise for sure. Jessie provides a retro RnG style hook over some nicely chunky production, even throwing in a riff on a Biggie classic for good measure.

Jorja Smith – ‘I Am’

Jorja Smith’s contribution to the Black Panther soundtrack bodes well for whatever new music she has in the works this year. This is dramatic as hell but given a bit of scuzz by the distorted guitars and bass that run under it all.

Foreign Beggars – ‘6 Million Stories ft. Kate Tempest’

Kate Tempest and Foreign Beggars joining forces makes a lot of sense and listening to ‘6 Million Stories’ you can’t help but wonder why this never happened before.

Nilüfer Yanya – ‘Thanks 4 Nothing’

Nilüfer Yanya turns a rousing break-up anthem into a dark tale about escaping from a cult obsessed with the colour red in the video for ‘Thanks 4 Nothing’. There are Charles Manson lookalikes, Jonestown-esque mass poisoning and even some tarot card reading. The song’s great too.

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