10Trax: Dornik’s funk-tastic Drive Time Takeover

Dornik comes through with his funk-driven drive time highlights for this week's 10Trax.

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When we needed an upbeat, funk-driven playlist to get us through the long dark nights of winter there was only one person to turn to, Dornik. Dornik is a man who knows a thing or two about classic RnB. Having cut his teeth on the road with Jessie Ware back in the day in recent years he’ stepped out on his own, crafting a unique take in the genre’s past, borrowing from the likes of Prince, James Brown and D’Angelo to create a unique sound. This week he takes over our 10Trax playlist his ultimate ‘drive time’ anthems.

The Jacksons – ‘Walk Right Now’

“This track is from one of my favourite Jackson albums called ‘Triumph.’ This track is so funky. I love everything about it, the arrangement and Michael’s vocal is off the chain!!! Like always!”

Massive Attack – ‘Teardrop’

“This track is such a Jam. I love the arrangement, chord progressions and Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals. This track really takes me back to primary school for some reason…it really makes me feel nostalgic. It reminds me of getting driven to school by my mum lol…me sitting in the back taking it all in I guess. I love this song.”

Seal – ‘Kiss From A Rose’

“Now, this track right here is another nostalgic one for me. The songwriting, arrangement and sonics of this track are just incredible! (Sorry to keep going on about arrangements… I’m a sucker for this haha). The mix is amazing. Whenever I get a new pair of hi-fi speakers or studio monitors this is one of the first tracks I play to test them out.”

Heatwave – ‘Always and Forever’

“Such a beautiful song which I could listen to at any time! Again the arrangement is amazing and the harmonies are just so beautiful! I’m a sucker for harmony too. Heatwave’s arrangements, harmonies and songwriting are just perfect. Rod Temperton, God rest his soul, is a pure genius!”

Me’shell Ndegeocello – ‘Love Song #3’

“Me’shell is a badass! Her groove and pocket on the bass is ridiculous! I love it. This track kind of reminds me of Prince who has inspired many artists including myself. Meshell does her thing on it though and is so unique! She’s so dope!”

Zapp & Roger – ‘Heartbreaker’ 

“Funky AF… this track is so gangster! I love Zapp & Roger. There’s not much I can really say apart from it’s funky AF and that I love Zapp & Roger!”

James Brown – ‘Since You Been Gone (feat The original J.B.s)’

“This track is too funky for words and again there’s not much I can really say apart from it’s funky AF! There was this interview with Prince I saw years ago and he said “if you can describe it then it ain’t funky,” haha. That’s the truth.”

Sting – ‘Everybody Laughed But You’

“I love Sting’s melody on this track….the melody in the verses are unusual but are not at the same time and Sting is a genius at achieving this. He writes songs that are simple but also very profound. This track also makes me feel nostalgic….takes me back to my mum’s car on the way to primary school. I’m a big fan of Sting. Absolute genius!”

Dennis Brown – ‘Someone Special’

“I love Dennis Brown. I grew up hearing a lot of his music at my parents’ house when I was a child. This is one of my favourite songs of his. His vocals on this track are amazing! And the bass line on this track is pure fire. The way it sits, feels and the placement….everything about it. I love reggae bass lines and I love this song”

Earth, Wind & Fire – ‘Runnin’

“Arrangement, harmonies…. basically everything I love about music Earth Wind & Fire deliver perfectly. I grew up on a lot of their music and love everything they do but this track, in particular, is so diverse and has quite a few elements….funk, soul, a bit of jazz fusion, Latin…and the harmonies on here. Pure genius!”  

Dornik’s new single ‘Bestie’ is out now.