10Trax: East London’s best alternative pub The Glory get us in the mood for Mighty Hoopla

The Glory give us a taste of what's in store for their Mighty Hoopla takeover in this week's 10Trax.

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The Glory is a bastion of East London’s alternative and LGBT+ nightlife; a fort for London’s drag queens located appropriately on the Kingsland Road. This year The Glory is taking over the Victoria Park bandstand as part of Mighty Hoopla’s first foray into London. They’ll be transforming the iconic stand into a human-sized bird cage, packed with surprise performers and London’s best cabaret. This week they’re taking over the 10Trax playlist to give us a taste of what they have in store.

Beyoncé – ‘Formation’

“The Glory creates London’s fiercest and most prestigious lip-syncing battle LIPSYNC1000 so we’ll be bringing a pack of LIPSYNC1000 stars to Mighty Hoopla to get the drama levels surging. ‘Formation’ is a modern lip-sync classic.”

Kelis – ‘Acapella’ 

“OMG, how hot is Kelis in the video to this and ALL of her songs! We’ll be bringing Big Gay Songbook to The Glory stage, a live festival version of our Sunday sing-a-long piano bar with the gorgeous Rudi Douglas on keys. Acapella is a pub fave for sloshing along too, as is ‘All The Lovers’ and ‘Let’s Dance’.”

Abba – ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)’

“We know exactly what Bjorn and Benny meant when they wrote this one! This song goes well with John Sizzle storming about in red patent heels, swigging Prosecco throwing poisoned darts at people.”

Franz Ferdinand – ‘Do You Want To’

“Truth be told Jonny Woo likes a good rock pop anthem to jump about to in his Speedo swimwear and leopard print stilettos. Franz Ferdinand died twice, once before WW1 and again in Leeds in 2008, but The Glory likes to exhume them periodically.”

Michael Jackson – ‘Bad’

“Let’s bring out the big guns – by which we mean Mzz Kimberley’s tits! Which, incidentally, we all chipped in to buy in 2013. Mzz Kimberley always brings the belly laughs and the jazz hands, and if you come for her – she will kill you with her manicured nails and feed you to her dog Tutu. She’s a star of The Glory’s Saturday night cabaret den Glory Lates, and we can’t wait to have Mzz Kimberley with us live on The Glory stage at Mighty Hoopla! It’s been a long time since she’s been seen in broad daylight.”

Bucks Fizz – ‘The Land of Make Believe’

“So the final thing you need to know is – this summer Jonny Woo is reviving his cult classic early 00s Edinburgh Fringe show “Night of 1000 Jay Astons” – an alternative drag musical tribute show all about the slutty one from Bucks Fizz. No need to play this all the way through. Save the juice for Hoopla!”

Little Mix – ‘Black Magic’

“We never thought we’d be typing the words Little Mix in a piece of press, but hey – we’re bringing Baby Lame to Hoopla! Baby Lame runs our monthly underground cabaret revue “Baby Lame’s SHIT SHOW” and you know what – the kiddies love it. If you want to stay up all night and chat Ariana Grande and Little Mix while bingeing on Haribo teeth, while possibly having your nipples increasingly tightened, then Baby Lame’s your booty call.”

Stevie Nicks – ‘Stand Back’

“Here at The Glory we have a moral duty to defend the best songs of all time and make sure they are routinely serenaded en masse. Nothing beat’s Stevie Nicks’ Debenham’s eye shadow palette and Cartman vocals; a true sex icon.”

John Paul Young – ‘Love Is In The Air’

“We’re bringing living legend A Man To Pet with us to Mighty Hoopla, John Sizzle’s partner in so many crimes. A Man To Pet loves a good wedding disco belter, she’s ruined so many weddings in her many years on and off the stage.”

Mighty Hoopla takes place in Victoria Park on June 4th, tickets are available here.

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