10Trax: Eli & Fur takeover

London's hottest DJ pair Eli & Fur are celebrating the release of their single 'Your Eyes' by taking over 10Trax this week, and they've put together a range of remixes and tracks to get you in the mood for the great British Summer!

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Eli & Fur

Following our interview last week with London’s hottest DJ pair, Eli & Fur are celebrating the release of their single ‘Your Eyes’ by taking over 10Trax and presenting us with their favourite tracks right now. They’ve put together a range of remixes and original tracks, to get you in the mood for the great British Summer, including an excellent rework of The White Lamp’s ‘It’s You’ and the sensual track, ‘Ashes’ by Joe Hertz. Now switch it on, turn it up and let Eli & Fur present you with a taste of their live sets.

Forrest – ‘Marlon Brando’

Eli & Fur: “It is no secret that we are big fans of Forrest. We know him as Zach as he happens to be a good mate of ours. We really love the dark, sexy vocals and the fact you can always tell it’s him. Here’s one of his older ones which we love.”

Charlotte OC – ‘Strange (Justin Martin Remix)’

Eli & Fur: “We are obsessed with the vocal melody on this one. Her voice is amazing. It has a sort of Lana Del Ray feel to it but with a beat behind it, always a nice combination.”

Atjazz – ‘Fox Tooth (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub)’

Eli & Fur: “We had this on repeat for the last week, and we think it is amazing. The synth lines are wicked, it creates a lot of energy and builds perfectly. We love to play this out and listen to it at home.”

The White Lamp – ‘It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)’

Eli & Fur: “This is the perfect track to listen to in the sun. We love the vocals, and the chilled out vibes and think it is a great poolside song.”

Alan Fitzpatrick – ‘For An Endless Night (c Remix)’

Eli & Fur: “We’ve been playing this one out a lot. We think it sounds huge and is one to play loud!”

Joe Hertz – ‘Ashes (feat. Liv)’

Eli & Fur: “Joe is an awesome producer who we’ve been lucky enough to work with. His own tunes are perfect tracks for the summer. They are laid back, chilled out and so musically amazing.”

Serge Devant & Damiano (feat. Camilla Safiya) – ‘Fearing Love’

Eli & Fur: “We love the combination of the dark production with the funky vocals. This track gets better and better the more you listen to it.”

Human Life & Anabel Englund – ‘El Diablo Adana Twins Remix)’

Eli & Fur: “We love the original of this also, but this remix is awesome. We love to play this in the day. It’s such a great moment when it breaks down to the vocals. Also, the vocal harmonies from Human Life are magic.”

The Mole – ‘History Of Dates’

Eli & Fur: “This is one of Fur’s old favourites. It’s creepy, and the sounds are interesting. The more you listen to it, the more parts you hear.”

Eli & Fur – ‘Your Eyes’

Eli & Fur: “This is our most recent release. It’s out today (July 10) on our label NYX Music. We wrote this track a while ago. It started off with just chords and a vocal, and it’s developed over time into what it is now, so glad to have it out there!”

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