10Trax: Eminem makes his offfical return and brings Beyonce along for the ride

A whole stack of new releases and not a Taylor Swift track in sight.

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It’s Reputation day so if Taylor Swift had her way every track in this playlist would be off her new album. Unfortunately for her though, she hasn’t made it available on any streaming platforms so even if we wanted to, we couldn’t. Life goes on, eh? This week has also seen some huge releases from Metro Boomin, Flying Lotus, Policia and Little Simz, all of which, and plenty more, have made it into our essential round-up. Oh yeah, and Eminem and Beyonce have a song together now.

Metro Boomin & Big Sean – ‘Pull Up N Wreck ft 21 Savage’

Metro Boomin and 21 Savage continue their hot streak, this time joining Big Sean on his new single ‘Pull Up N Wreck’, can we drop the Kendrick Vs Sean beef speculation now, please?

Chief Keef Feat Lil Yachty – ‘Come On Now’

Keef returns to claim his virtual throne on ‘Come On Now’, it’s been a minute since the Chief dropped new music but ‘Come On Now’ is a fitting return for Sosa. The drawl is strong with this one.

Flying Lotus – ‘Post Requisite’

Flying Lotus is back to music after disturbing the fuck out of us with his debut feature film Kuso. ‘Post Requisite’ is the first taste of music we’ve had from the Brainfeeder boss in far too long and it’s exactly as slithering and surreal as you’d hope. Here’s hoping there’s a new album on the way as well.

IAMDDB – ‘Trophy’

At this point, it feels like nothing can stop IAMDDB. ‘Trophy’ is just over two minutes long but fully lives up its potential, full of DDB’s signature hooks and refrains and as simultaneously seductive and standoffish as anything else the Manchester singer and MC had dropped to date.

Little Simz – ‘Poison Ivy Ft. Tilla’ 

If you don’t have the chorus from ‘Poison Ivy’ delicately floating around your head all evening you’re not human. Facts.

N.E.R.D – ‘Lemon ft Rihanna’

As has been well-documented since this track dropped, Rihanna is actually a pretty great rapper, she definitely holds her own with Skateboard P on ‘Lemon’. Also, N.E.R.D are back (!!!) so everyone needs to step up their game by about 200% percent again.

Eminem – ‘Walk On Water ft Beyonce’

I’m not saying Eminem has a God complex but between this and the lead single for his last album, there’s a pattern emerging. Anyway, Em and Bey teaming up on today of all days, talk about stealing Taylor Swift’s thunder…

Sasha Brown – ‘Model Behaviour’

Sasha Brown is set to be one to watch once 2018 rolls around, a singer-songwriter with a flair for RnB tinged pop anthems she’s also a grade 8 saxophonist and combines the two a lot better than you might expect.

Rhye – ‘Taste’ 

Rhye remain as dreamy and ethereal as ever on ‘Taste’. For the track’s new video, the group has enlisted Noelle Marsh and a troupe of dancers to retell the song’s story. I, admittedly know very little about modern dance but the results are pretty compelling.

Ty Segall – ‘My Ladies on Fire’ 

How the hell Ty Segall manages to keep churning out single after single is one of the universe’s greatest mysteries, even more mysterious is how he can span so many different genres while doing it. ‘My Lady’s On Fire’ is a slightly warped country ballad that slowly builds up into a triumphant, saxophone featuring daydream. A perfect note to end Friday on.

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