10Trax: Giggs returns, IAMDDB does it again and Tove Lo makes out with a muppet, of coure

The cream of this week's crop of the new releases.

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It’s been a busy old week at Notion. We just launched our new print edition (get it now!) and opened two pop-up stores in London so we can sympathise if you’re feeling overwhelmed by new releases this week. Luckily 10Trax is here as well always to guide you through the videos and songs you need to know from the last seven(ish) days.

Tove Lo – ‘Disco Tits’

Tove Lo’s new song is called ‘Disco Tits’ and the video predominantly features the Swedish singer getting freaky with a muppet, somethings don’t need explaining to be worth your time.

IAMDDB – ‘More’

I’m not exactly sure what it is that makes IAMDDB so compelling but whatever it is, she does it damn well. ‘More’ is a worthy successor to the now ubiquitous ‘Shade.’

Giggs – ‘Gangstas & Dancers ft Lil Duke & Young Thug’ 

If you have any sense you’ll be listening to Giggs’ new mixtape Wamp 2 Dem all weekend, it’s obviously back to back greatness. Putting ‘Gangsters & Dancers’ in here because Giggs and Young Thug belong on the same track more than I ever knew.

Kamille – ‘Body (ft. Avelino)’

Kamille has been working behind the scenes for a while now, writing for the likes of Little Mix. This is her first solo offering and considering it features both Avelino on the track and trans-model/activist Munroe Bergdorf in the video it’s safe to say she’s one to watch.

St.Vincent – ‘Los Ageless’

St.Vincent’s new up album is shaping up very well and will finally be with us this time next week. In the meantime gorge on the creepy, hyperreal video for ‘Los Ageless.’

Stormzy – ‘4PM in London’

Stormzy takes on a Drake beat and bodies it on his latest freestyle. GSAP might have got the Mercury nomination but don’t forget its videos like this that made Stormzy’s name.

Gucci Mane – ‘Met Gala ft Offset’

Metro Boomin, Gucci Mane and Offset got together and made another straight up Atlanta banger. Guwop and Offset going back to back over a beat like this will never not be good.

King Krule – ‘Half Man Half Shark’

This week we learned that Archy Marshall turned down the chance to work with Kanye, which means we’ve obviously spent the whole week speculating about what that collaboration would sound like. Chances are it would be nothing like ‘Half Man Half Shark.’

Lil Yachty, Young Thug – ‘On Me’

The second Young Thug feature this week comes from Lil Yachty’s ‘On Me.’ It;s your standard nautical affair with a kiddy-trap beat and cloud rap sensibility but Yachty has a new flow or voice or something now. Also, the video looks like how I imagine everyone over 40 thinks ‘millennial’ parties look.

Kelela – ‘LMK’

Kelela’s debut album is out today (!) which is the perfect excuse to revisit the Fifth Element worthy video for ‘LMK’.

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