10Trax: Give us A$APWANG now

This week we were introduced to the idea that there's a joint A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator album and now we want nothing else.

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Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky have been on a rampage this week. As well as releasing a joint single ‘Potato Salad’ they’ve dropped a new solo track each, a handful of collabs with other artists and casually teased a collaborative project A$APWANG. It would have been hard not to just make this whole playlist Tyler and Rocky tunes if it weren’t for all the other great new music that’s dropped this week. Highlights of the week include BROCKHAMPTON continuing their journey through time with ‘1997 DIANA’, IDLES tackling toxic masculinity on ‘Samaritans’ and Bad Gyal’s Dalston romance in the new video for ‘Mas Raro’.

Bad Gyal – ‘Mas Raro’ 

Bad Gyal heads to Dalston and falls in love in the video for new single ‘Mas Raro’. It’s slightly weird seeing Bad Gyal dressed up in her hyper-futuristic euro trash garb and whining in Ridley Road Market but half of Dalston looks like this every Saturday night anyway so I guess its a vibe.

VanJess – ‘Control Me’

The VanJess sisters’ new album Silk Canvas is out today and with features from Goldlink, Masego and Leikeli 47 it’s not to be slept on. ‘Control Me’ is an early standout from the project with a stunning video to match.

Ariel – ‘We Bring Our Friends’

Ariel is proof of two things. 1) That we are living in a post-PC Music world and 2) That everything is rap music now. On ‘We Bring Our Friends’ Ariel half deadpans tales of roof parties and late night secrets over neon synths and clattering highlights, sing-rapping in triplet without even thinking about it.

 GAIKA – ‘Black Empire (Killmonger Riddim)’

GAIKA’s dystopian take on dancehall is years ahead of so many other artists that attempt to ‘experiment’ with the genre. His debut album Basic Volume is out today and is 100% essential listening.

Ross From Friends – ‘Pale Blue Dot’

Ross From Friends’ debut album Family Portrait is also out today. In the most heartwarming/ appropriate promo move ever, the music video for latest single ‘Pale Blue Dot’ features archive footage of his actual mum and dad meeting and falling in love on an acid house bus tour of Europe his dad set up. It’s pretty special, as is the album itself.

IDLES – ‘Samaritans’ 

IDLES look set to become Britain’s most beloved punk band once new album Joy As An Act of Resistance comes out and it’s well deserved. New single ‘Samaritans’ tears the facade of masculinity apart, telling men that’s it ok to actually feel things, which is sadly still a pretty vital thing for people to do be doing.

Drake – ‘Nonstop’

On the other end of the ‘discussions regarding masculinity’ spectrum, Drake gets on his cocky shit around London in the new video for ‘Nonstop’. Does this mean that open-top double-decker buses are cool now?

YG – ‘Handgun ft. A$AP Rocky’

YG and Rocky team up in the boot-camp themed video for ‘Handgun’. It’s a lot, to say the least, and it’s far from YG’s best song but it does confirm that YG is the most stylish gangster rapper alive.


BROCKHAMPTON have unleashed their wildest single since ‘Boogie’. Two and a bit minutes of pure hype, ‘1997 DIANA’ shows exactly why they’re greatest boy band on earth. One Direction could never.

Tyler the Creator & A$AP Rocky  – ‘POTATO SALAD’

Tyler and Rocky continue their tradition of freestyling over Kanye beats on ‘POTATO SALAD’, this time taking on ‘Knock Knock’ by Missy Elliot and Monica. Their wordplay on this is so good that as much as I love new Flower Boy Tyler it makes me long for the days of Goblin and gruesome bars about deeply inappropriate and morally wrong shit. Also, Jaden Smith is in the video. A$APWANG, now.

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