10Trax: Groove Armada’s 80s Boo(!)gie classics

Murder the dancefloor this Halloween weekend with Groove Armada's Halloween playlist takeover.

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Groove Armada

Halloween is on a Tuesday this year so chances are you’ll be celebrating (do you ‘celebrate’ Halloween? Is that the correct adverb or is it more of a mutual tolerance?) it this weekend. You no doubt have a litany of parties, themed pub gatherings and hastily cobbled together club nights to choose from but if you’re Manchester way tomorrow night then head to the Warehouse Project for ANTS’ takeover with Groove Armada and menacing techno master Paul Kalkbrenner. In honour of their monstrous party, we’ve got Tom from Groove Armada to take over the playlist this week with his ultimate 80s Boogie records (Boo – gie, get it? BOO -gie! Like a ghost? A ghost that says boo? You get it).

Intrigue – ‘Fly Girl’

“Just paid an eye-watering amount of money for this record, and I’ll never regret it. 80s boogie at its toe-curlingly brilliant best, you need to stay with the tune right to the end, it just gets better and better.”

L.U.S.T Productions – ‘If You Want My Love’

“Well part of the genius of this track is that it was made in 2017, but so timeless and brilliant is the production it’s got a bit of now and a bit of then in and is none the worse for that fusion. PPU is a label always worth checking.”

The System – ‘It’s Passion’

One of the standout 80s boogie outfits, ‘You Are In My System’ is also a killer cut, but I just love the sound of this record, god knows where they got all the noises from, but I am in awe.”

Two Tons O’ Fun – ‘Just Us’

Martha Wash and Izora Armstead, two big ladies with even bigger chops. The eponymous album has got a few killers on there, but this is one is just good times from start to finish.”

Keni Burke – ‘Risin’ To The Top’

“A tune that was big for me in my teens and has always stayed strong. If I had a soft stop Ford Capri I would drive around in it with this on loop.

AURRA – ‘You and Me Tonight’

“This has most of the key elements of 80s boogie in one track: lush big vocals, Yamaha DX-7s to the fore, vocoders and the crispest drum machines. For your 80s starter pack, this is an essential selection.”

Suzy Q – ‘Get On Up and Do It Again’

This is a great, nagging groove of a tune, with a really urgent kind of vocal delivery I just love. Sounds like she’s shouting the lyrics from the back of the room in her second language. Perfect.”

Rene and Angela – ‘I’ll Be Good’

“Could not do an 80s boogie chart without including a track from Rene and Angela, the video says it all! (he’s even playing the DX-7 FFS!, and the Simmons drums, man those drums!!)

D Train – ‘Tryin’ to Get Over’

“A band that almost defined that 80s funk/synth sound, ‘You’re The One For Me’ is the tune everyone knows but I just love how this tune chugs.

Ebonee Webb – ‘Something About You’

“This track sounds so much like ‘Dirty Mind’ era Prince it’s hard to believe he wasn’t in the studio somewhere when they laid down this jam. Either way, it’s funky as…”

Groove Armada play ANTS Warehouse project takeover tomorrow night.

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