10Trax: HAIM go cinematic, Rex Orange County continues his ascent and Novelist returns

Plus Angel Olsen, brand new Chance the Rapper and Kojey Radical at their best.

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Regular readers may have noticed a lack of OG style 10Trax playlists on the site in recent weeks. There are two reasons for this, the first being that we wanted to hand the reins over to some of our favourite artists for a bit, and the second is that we’ve been busy, really busy, putting together a very special new edition of our print magazine for you to consume and absorb in real life. It’s the most exciting issue we’ve created since, well, since the last one, but there’ll be plenty of time to talk about that soon. For now, though, let us rejoice because 10Trax is back and ready to shove more new music into your faces than ever before. (It’s actually the exact same amount of new music, the clue’s in the name of the feature, but the point is that you (!) should (!) be (!) excited (!))

Miley Cyrus – ‘Week Without You’

Oh look Miley’s rediscovered her blues records and is continuing her pivot away from rap with a rock-a-billy country number. In fairness, she has more claim to authenticity with this sound than she ever did to the EDM rap hybrid. Still not great though.

Angel Olsen – ‘Special’

We’re not sure what we did to deserve another Angel Olsen album so soon, but we’re very glad about it. Sure it’s a collection of B Sides, but Angel’s B Sides are as good, if not better than a lot of music littering my inbox, so it’s still very much cause for celebration. ‘Special’ is the first taste we’ve had of the project and it’s a spooky, seductive slow burner of a track. We demand more.

Rex Orange County – ‘Sunflower’

In the time since we featured him in the Intro pages of Notion 75, Rex Orange County has had two features on Tyler, the Creator’s new album, played guitar on stage with Skepta and is about to tour with BADBADNOTGOOD, so yeah, we told you so. ‘Sunflower’ is the exact kind of song that had us infatuated with his music in the first place.

Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile – ‘Continental Breakfast’

Between that new Angel Olsen record and Courtney and Kurt’s new joint project, it looks like a great Autumn for leftfield country music. There was no way that this record was going to be bad, but every single that Kurt and Courtney have released together so far has been a perfect slice of heartwarming singer-songwriter perfection. Grab your plaid lads; we’re goin’ to the woods.

HAIM – ‘Valentine’

What’s better than Paul Thomas Anderson directing a live video for HAIM? Paul Thomas Anderson directing a string of live videos for HAIM and compiling them into a short film that showcases the three sisters’ musicianship with a deft touch and excellent camera work. Duh.

Chance the Rapper – ‘First World Problems ft Daniel Ceaser’

Trust Chance the Rapper to go on America’s biggest late-night talk show and perform a brand new, at the time untitled song. Of course, because this is Chance we’re talking about it’s poignant and moving and now has a name, ‘First World Problems.’ Shouts out to Daniel Caesar as well, you the real MVP on this chorus.

Mount Kimbie – ‘Four Years and One Day’ 

Mount Kimbie are basically 2017’s answer to Joy Division at this point, all haunting electronics fused with thumping post-punk, all twisted and stretched out of shape. We’re a bit obsessed. The video for new single ‘Four Years and One Day’ is the perfect visual representation of their unsettling yet undeniably danceable sound.

Pond – ‘Colder Than Ice’

Where Pond ends and Tame Impala begins has always been a subject of controversy among fans of Australian psychedelia. Kevin Parker flits between both bands, serving as the mixing engineer, onetime drummer and occasional producer for the former and frontman of the latter with both delivering spacious, hazy psych-rock anthems. Pond’s latest project is their most considered to date and ‘Colder Than Ice’ a great example of their new(ish) sound.

The Last Skeptik – ‘Trouble ft. Kojey Radical and Takura’

When Skeptik and Kojey link up you know you’re in for a treat. ‘Trouble’ is an ominous, left-field gangster’s anthem, all thinly veiled threats and menacing wordplay mixed with precision crafted electronics. The video is a work of art as well, with Kojey playing a very convincing east end goon in a big Del Boy-esque sheepskin coat.

JD. Reid – ‘Ready ft. Novelist’

If you don’t know JD. Reid, get to know asap. The producer has been serving up some of the best ‘old meets new’ grime tunes of the last couple of years including collabs with D Double E and Odd Future’s Hodgy of all people. His new track with Novelist, ‘Ready’ is guaranteed to cause the most rewinds this weekend.

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