10Trax: Hannah V takeover

This week's 10Trax is up-and-coming producer Hannah V's perfect playlist, songs to get you up on your feet that you can't help shimmying to, and those you can purely sit back and enjoy!

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Hannah V

Growing up in Berlin and currently residing in London, Hannah V‘s interest in music comes from different places; she loved Jazz music as a teen and is a classically trained pianist. Her skills haven’t gone unnoticed; she has played keys for the likes of Jessie J, Gnarls Barkley and none other than the woman of the moment, Rihanna.

Hannah V thrives in experimenting with heavy bassy beats and pop; you can hear urban and electronics in her debut EP ‘Version 2.0’, which gained a lot of well-deserved positive attention. Her latest single ‘It Ain’t Right’ features stunning vocals from Louise LaBelle, and it is so bass-heavy, we cannot wait to hear what else she has up her sleeve! This week’s 10Trax is her perfect playlist; songs to get you up on your feet that you cannot help shimmying to, and those you can sit back and enjoy purely for the sounds and vocals.

Sango & SPZRKT – ‘JMK’

Hannah V: “I’m a massive fan of the Soulection crew – I love how musical and moody their productions are. I heard this track a few months ago, and it blew my mind. The beat, the vocals, especially that vox lick at 1.49 – what-whatttt?? And the topic! I’m always trying to build an element of spirituality/Christianity in my songs without coming across preachy, you know? And this song just hits the nail on the head.”

 Lewis Taylor – ‘Song’

Hannah V: “‘Find me weak, find me strong, I get all messed up, whenever you call…my name…’ Man. This record. I was introduced to Lewis Taylor when I moved to London, and he just blew my mind. His vocals, the production and the playing, the lyrics – I learnt so much from this album about ignoring the rules and just producing and writing whatever feels right. His album ‘Lewis Taylor’ is definitely in my top 3 albums ever. Imagine my surprise when one day I got a phone call from Lewis – he was the musical director for Gnarls Barkley and asked me to play keyboards for them. So for a month, I got to work right NEXT to one of my heroes for Ceelo. To this day one of the best experiences of my life. I never saw or spoke to him again after this – like so many true geniuses, he is a recluse. But his music will be with me forever.”

Jay-Z – ‘Show Me What you Got’

Hannah V: “As most of you guys know, I come from a live background – I’ve been playing all my life, and I have been lucky to have played with some of the best musicians in the world. So for me – combining elements of really high musicianship with hard hitting production just makes my heart flutter with happiness. And Just Blaze is the master of this. Can we all please just give the drummer some for this track?? Kenneth “Bam” Alexander just killed it!”

Don Blackman – ‘Hearts Desire’

Hannah V: “I remember hearing Don Blackman for the first time. I was on tour with the Bugz in the Attic boys – en route to some club or other in a busted up old van to play a live set, when Kaidi Kat put on this record. You’ve got to understand, I hadn’t heard Jazz Funk before this – sure, I knew Herbie’s electric stuff, but I wasn’t hip to Don, George Duke, Patrice Rushen, etc. I listened to this, and something just clicked in me. I felt at HOME.”

SBTRKT Feat. Little Dragon – ‘Wildfire’

Hannah V: “I know this track has been out for a while now, but I still love it! I am a massive fan of Yukimi Nagano’s voice anyway – the combination of her and SBTRKT’s quirky production is just magic! As a producer I learned a lot about space from this record – the production is built around Yukimi’s voice, and I love the quirky synths on this track!”

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – ‘I Who Have Nothing’

Hannah V: “Oi guys – this is another one of those moments where my whole life stood still. I can’t listen to this track without bursting into tears. I don’t know what it is – it just feels so HONEST: ‘I’m just a no-one, with nothing to give you, but oh- I love you.’ – I’ve always believed that music is about collaboration – it doesn’t work alone. It’s the fusing of energies, of lives, of pasts and presents, of hopes and dreams, you know? And this is just the perfect duet. Nothing comes close to this for me. Listen to that moment from 2.50 – I mean, come on, is this perfection or what?! I’ve been lucky enough to play keyboards for Donny’s daughter Lalah Hathaway for a few tours. And when she sings in her lower register, she sounds JUST like her dad. It’s just ridiculous being in the presence of musical royalty – I am a lucky girl, ya know!“

Doja Cat – ‘So High’

Hannah V: “I love this kind of production! Lush synth pads, weird cat noises and a vocal hook that won’t get out of your head! I love this kind of moody feel – good tunes, you know? Nothing wrong with songs with a simple message man, as long as they are executed well!“

JP Cooper – ‘We Were Raised Under Grey Skies’

Hannah V: “‘I hear the sound of your voice in music, so I speak with you every day’ Wow. JP is one of my favourite contemporary lyricists. He wrote this track about his mother who passed away – I cannot listen to this track without tearing up. Family is everything to me, and this song just perfectly describes that unconditional and unwavering love. Music is powerful, hey?“

Major Lazer – ‘Blaze Up The Fire’

Hannah V: “Diplo is such a massive influence on me, I have been following him from his M.I.A. days. This dude disregards any and every music rule and just throws whatever he wants to into a pot. No effs given, and he really has changed the way pop music is viewed nowadays, you know? The gaps between underground and commercial are very blurred today, and I am learning more and more that following your instinct is the ONLY way to go. Originality always shines through and will always win in the end!“

The Frightnrs – ‘Admiration’ (Cadenza and Toddla T Remix)

Hannah V: “This remix is banging!!! I have been a fan of Cadenza and Toddla for a while now, and I love the energy of this remix – it takes you on a proper journey, you know? And don’t get me started on the triplet mid eight breakdown section – I damn near lost my mind when I heard this the first time. This is why I love music from this country – genres are a thing of a past, you know? Whatever feels right then and there, is what is going to happen. Great motto for life tbh – live for the moment and all of that!!!“

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