10Trax: Hinds’ album release party takeover

Hinds come through with a playlist of celebratory anthems in honour of their new album I Don't Run.

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Hinds are one of indie’s great hopes. Hailing from Madrid, they gained a cult following with their early demos and became of the most loved new bands in Europe with the release of their debut album Leave Me Alone. Now, after a string of soldout tours, including a co-headline jaunt with The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. they’re back with their new album I Don’t Run and getting ready to take summer 2018 by storm with their lo-fi take on punk and indie. To honour the album’s release we asked lead singer Carlotta to put together a playlist of all the music they’ll be listening to to celerate.

Los Nastys – Tú Me Haces

“Our BFFs from Madrid just released their best album yet. I know for sure that we’re gonna listen to it in the van everywhere this year, but I would love to go to Latin America with them and showcase each other’s game.”

Tommy Cash – ‘Guez Whoz Back’

“Just saw this dude play a small show in Madrid and met him afterwards backstage. I feel incredibly lucky because I think he’s gonna be huge very soon, and he will deserve it, WHAT-A-SHOW.”

Khruangbin – ‘White Gloves’

“Perfect soundtrack for a chill morning at home or taking the bus and looking through the window with a silly smile on your face.” 

Artie Shaw – ‘Moonglow’

“While I was playing the last song I immediately thought about this one. I always love to include them in this kind of playlist to not let them die and to make them look cool and modern.”

QTY – ‘Michael’

“They’re a band from NYC, we met him a few years ago and he introduced us to his best gril friend that happened to be an incredible guitar player, like winning shredding contest and stuff! This year suddenly we discovered they had made this band together and they sound fucking great! I love the songwriting.”

Grapetooth – ‘Trouble’

“Our little friends from Chicagooo! One of them is one of the dudes from Twin Peaks too, Clay, so I would call this his side protect? Anyway, I feel that everything that Clay touches is gold. They only have this one song out, so you guys can start being fans since the real beginning.”

The Virgins – ‘Travel Express’

“Everybody completely forgot about this band and it really never hitMadridd or had a fan base here; but, for Ana and me it really made a ‘before and after’ in our lives. Donald Cumming was one of our heroes and he will be forever, even though we have met him and hung with him, we weren’t disappointed.”

Baywaves – ‘Still In Bed’

“The latest release from our friends from Madrid! They are the craziest, most hardworking people I’ve ever met, not counting Hinds hahah. They’re so good live that it feels like you’re listening to the record, it’s incredible.

Shannon and the Clams – ‘The Boy’

“They just released their last album and it’s sadder than any other. I love it. It’s not gonna make you sad but nostalgic maybe, nostalgic in a good way.”

Albert Hammond Jr – ‘St Justice’

“We just did a co-headline tour with him and it was an awesome experience. This song was my favourite of his set but the music video is terrible hahah, so so cheesy. Sorry about that, listen to the song, not the video.”

Hinds’ new album I Don’t Run is out now.

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