10Trax: Housse de Racket takeover

Housse de Racket, the Parisian two-piece, just released their third album The Tourist today, and they are taking over 10Trax this week with a trés funky playlist to share with you all.

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Housse de Racket

Housse de Racket are a two-piece band hailing from France, who release their third album The Tourist today. As a sort of enlightening Friday afternoon gift, the Parisian duo has given us this trés funky playlist to share with you all. Click the Spotify player below to hear the duo’s new tunes and scroll through to take a listen to Housse de Racket’s ultimate Top 10.

Khruangbin  – ‘White Gloves’

Victor: “This song is a very recent one I discovered on Soundcloud. I know nothing about Khruangbin except that they are from Texas and they’re usually an instrumental band. I liked this song right away. Great guitar and congas sound (Housse de Racket is really into congas). Also, I have always loved songs with a rain sound like The Doors’s ‘Riders On The Storm’ or Sebastien Tellier’s ‘Sexual Sportswear’. It just puts you in the mood.”

 Bagarre – ‘Claque-Le’

Victor: “Bagarre is my cousin Emma’s band. Keeping it in the family! She’s singing on this one and absolutely kills it. This band is really happening here in France, and I very much hope they are here to stay.”

Le Club – ‘Un fait divers et rien de plus (re-remix)’

Victor: “Pierre and I recently DJ’d at a fantastic party in Paris called Flash Cocotte, which was hosted by our dear friend Yelle. I was looking for a funny/funky French 80’s song that I could play, and I discovered this. I love the feel of this song, great percussions and great bass solo! Vive la France.”

Prince – ‘Cream’

Victor: “This song is perfect. My uncle offered me this album (‘Diamond And Pearls’) and ‘Around The World In Day’ both on cassette when I was 9 or 10, and it absolutely blew my mind. Of course, back then, I didn’t realise what the lyrics were about, but I knew it was “dangerous” in a way… I’ve always felt there is a certain kind of magic in Prince’s music, how all the sounds matched each other. It is and always will be one of our all-times favourites.”

Lucio Battisti – ‘Ancora Tu’

Victor: “France is great, no doubt about that, but Italy is something else too! For the past two summers, I’ve been travelling the country with my girlfriend, and this song provides the perfect soundtrack – loud in those Fiat speakers! More seriously, I love the romantic feel of this song and the fun disco vibes.”

Jamie XX – ‘Gosh’

Pierre: “I spent my last summer holiday in Spain, and this record was the soundtrack to it. I remember driving at night on dark roads surrounded by wind turbines and listening to this full volume…‘Gosh’ is particularly amazing. That’s exactly what we love to do in Housse de Racket: a quiet start with a harsh and unmelodic groove then bass and harmonies are revealed, and everything makes sense. Brilliant!”

 Stevie Wonder – ‘Love’s in Need of Love Today’

Pierre: “‘Songs in the Key of Life’ is one of the records we have listened to the most and one that has changed our lives as musicians. That song is the intro of the double album, and I recall playing this for the first time with headphones, and I immediately remember loving it and feeling warm inside. No reverb at all, such proximity, it seems like you’re in the room with Stevie (yes I call him Stevie, he’s part of the family!), he sings right into your ears. It lasts 7 minutes, but I could listen to it forever.”

 LA Priest – ‘Lady’s in Trouble With the Law’

Pierre: “We were big fans of Late of the Pier and were always wondering when they would be a back with another album. The lead singer came back with a new project called LA Priest, and we simply love it – this song has a lovely, summer vibe. We love bedroom producer music; it’s lo-fi but geeky at the same time.”

Drake – ‘Hotline Bling’

Pierre: “Ah, the magic of the internet… We love the moves and the mambo feel of this song. Drake tries another attitude here, give him a chance, or a ticket for ‘Dancing with the Stars’?”

US Girls – ‘Woman’s Work’

Pierre: “This is what my girlfriend is listening to right now. A very catchy and haunting song by one of the most interesting bands out there.”

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