10Trax: Kanye West is at it again

Kanye keeps us on our toes as always, The Blaze continue to be excellent and Octavian ups the ante again.

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It’s been an interesting year in Kanye world. Every time you think he’s bringing things back to normality he turns around and decides to creative-direct the Pornhub awards, release a new song with Lil Pump and make a line of porn-inspired Yeezy merch. We shouldn’t be surprised at this point but Kanye always finds a way to shock. In other music news French pioneers, The Blaze released their new album today and we’ve been blessed by new music from Vera Sola, Octavian, MØ and plenty more. All that and more, below.

Kanye West & Lil Pump – ‘I Love It ft. Adele Givens’

As many people have pointed out Kanye seems to have been inspired by Minecraft and Roblox for his new music video with Lil Pump. I don’t know if this whole thing is really misogynist, empoweringly sex-positive, or just Kanye being really enthusiastic about porn but whatever the case, it’s a lot.

The Blaze – ‘Queens’

The Blaze is one of the most fully-realised musical projects we’ve seen in some time. Every aspect of their art, from the videos to their live shows, to the music itself fits together expertly, their debut came out today and undoubtedly a must-listen.

Octavian – ‘Revenge’

Octavian is 100% next-up and is you needed any more proof of that then ‘Revenge’ is it. Space-age grime for the next generation.

Ezra Collective – ‘Reason In Disguise ft Jorja Smith’

Ezra and Jorja team up for a sublime new cut, expect warm vocalisations, sparkling piano and velvet horns.

Parcels – ‘Lightenup’

Our favourite disco revivalists are gearing up for the release of their debut album and every new taste has us more and more excited. ‘Lightenup’ manages to be both infectiously upbeat and curiously deadpan at the same time.

Vera Sola – ‘The Colony’

This is one of the most striking videos we’ve seen all week from an equally intriguing musician. It also fits in very nicely with our current cowboy obsession.

Another Sky – ‘Chillers’

Another Sky’s new single is a pretty strange mix of Radiohead, Alt J and Priests-style post-punk. There’s some pretty charged lyrics in there and plenty of drama in the instrumental, keep an eye on these guys.

Gengahr – ‘Atlas Please’

Gengahr come through with a funk-laden take on post-Tame Impala indie on ‘Atlas Please’. Heavy on the bass and nicely layered it all builds up to a soaring outro that will leave you floating somewhere outside the earth’s atmosphere.

Tertia May – ‘Tears In The Rain’

Tertia May’s lo-fi hip hop inspired soul and R&B is always a pleasure to dream to and her latest single is no exception.

MØ – ‘Way Down’

Our Notion 80 cover star MØ comes through with the latest taste of her upcoming album Forver Neverland. ‘Way Down’ is a perfect slice of scandi-pop with some slightly menacing tribal influences. It’s also the catchiest track in this entire playlist.

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