10Trax: Kung Fu Kenny returns and Kali Uchis heads to the rainforest

Hallelujah, we've made it through another week of new music and there's not an 'official vertical video' in sight.

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Not all music videos are created equal. For every ‘Thriller’ there are a hundred ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’s for example; don’t ask me why I picked that one to compare ‘Thriller’ to, I just hate Jet, ok. Luckily, this week has been a spectacular seven days for new videos, with SZA & Kendrick Lamar, Father John Misty and Kali Uchis all coming through with high-budget, highly entertaining visuals.

However, sometimes the best music videos are the simple ones, a fact proven by The Internet’s slick new video which is just them, Tyler the Creator, Blood Orange, Mac DeMarco, Thundercat and a bunch of their pals jamming out to a funky Steve Lacy-led jam. Shouts out to J Cole as well for the ‘Kevin’s Heart’ video, I see you, I still think your music is boring but I see you.

Father John Misty – ‘Mr Tillman’

Father John Misty’s brand of extreme self-awareness takes a turn for the paranoid in the video for new single ‘Mr Tillman’. Imagine a film halfway between Groundhog Day and The Big Lebowski and you’re most of the way there.

Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Black Snow’

If you though the video for ‘Mr Tillman’ was strange wait until you get a look at Oneohtrix Point Never’s new one. Set on Mars and starring a cast of demonic cowboys, scientists and even Mozart it’s the perfect visual accompaniment to the warped and sparse sound of ‘Black Snow’.

Mina Rose – ‘Blind Man Dreams’

Mina Rose swaps the dub-heavy sound of ‘Lemons & Limes’ for a spooky accordion-led nursery rhyme on ‘Blind Man Dreams’. It’ll still have you hot-stepping around your bedroom but it might give you nightmares afterwards.

Czarface – ‘Meddle With Metal’

Anything DOOM does is better when accompanied by an action cartoon and that goes double when Czarface are involved. There are some choice bars on this one as well, just in case you forgot that Inspectah Deck and DOOM are some of New York’s greatest lyricists.

Kali Uchis – ‘Get Up’

Kali Uchis is at her best when she’s in full control of her vision and she’s exactly that in her self-directed video for ‘Get Up’. Set in a rainforest mansion, it’s got dancing in the rain, dead bodies floating in pools and a subplot that suggests Kali Uchis has murdered her own clone?

Janelle Monae – ‘I Like That’

Janelle embraces her queerness and feminity in full on her new album Dirty Computer, which dropped today and is definitely one the week’s essential listens. ‘I Like That’ is the latest single and like Kali Uchis’ new one the video features both clones and the jungle. Is dystopian rainforest the new trend for summer 2k18?

The Internet – ‘Roll (Burbank Funk)’

There is literally nothing wrong with either this song or this video. Have you ever wanted to see Thundercat, Tyler the Creator, Mac DeMarco and Dev Hynes jam out to laidback funk music while members of the Internet dance on roller skates? Well, today’s your lucky day pal.

Clairo – ‘4Ever’

A funk/disco revival has been brewing for a few years now, so much so that I was certain last year was gonna be like a four-month-long version of Saturday Night Fever but alas, I was wrong. This summer though, hoo boy, get your flares out and your funky walk ready, because it’s happening for real. Even the bedroom pop kids are on the disco wave.

SZA – ‘Doves In The Wind ft. Kendrick Lamar’

In the week that Kanye went berserk on Twitter, it’s reassuring to know that we’ve always got Kendrick Lamar. Kung Fu Kenny makes his return in the video for SZA’s spectacular ‘Doves in The Wind’. How Ctrl didn’t win a Grammy is still a mystery.

Kamasi Washington – ‘Truth (Live at Coachella)’

This track isn’t new but holy fuck if Kamasi’s performance of it at Coachella isn’t the most majestic thing I’ve seen in months. Play this when you wake up tomorrow morning and claim the weekend like the jazz god you wish you could be.

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