10Trax: Lorde returns in full colour, Homeshake breaks it down and Todd Terje enlists Four Tet for a madness

Spring has sprung and the promise of new music blossoms like flowers in the warm sun, why not listen to some of it?

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It’s March! At long last, the end of winter is in sight and the sun has returned to our lives. With spring comes a whole new stack of releases bristling with new life. This week has mostly been spent digesting those new Stormzy and Thundercat albums (if Rag’N’Bone man is top of the album chart this week i’m going on a rampage) but we’ve still found time to sift through the week’s new releases and bring you best bits. This week Pissed Jeans bring some beefy hardcore into the mix, Steve Lacy steps out and Four Tet helps tease Todd Terje’s upcoming banger.


Lorde – ‘Green Light’

Lorde is a fully fledged pop icon now. After almost five years away, she’s returned with the flamboyant ‘Green Light’ and while it’s a departure from the brooding gothic pop of ‘Royals’ and ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ it’s very much a jam. Expect to hear this everywhere for all eternity.

Pissed Jeans – ‘The Bar is Low’  

Pissed Jeans take their growling new single to the gym in the video for ‘The Bar is Low’ though admittedly they don’t do the best job of it. That doesn’t mean this track won’t help you crush your workout though; we suggest hurtling through a public park as fast as your scrawny legs will carry you to this one.

Cadenza – ‘Til We Do It’ Ft. Prynce Mini & Bugle 

Cadenza never fails to deliver the heat. ‘Til We Do It’ is one of his most menacing cuts so far, featuring some seriously gruff vocals from new comer Prynce Mini.

Todd Terje – ‘Jungelknugen’ (Four Tet Remix)

Todd Terje is yet to release this track himself, but if Four Tet’s version is anything to go by, it’s going be massive. Listen to those synths spiral and that bass squelch and tell me this isn’t going to be the soundtrack to your weekend, go on, I dare you.

Homeshake – ‘Every Single Thing’

If you don’t know Homeshake, then there is a smooth-lo-fi-electro-indie-RnB-shaped hole in your life. The former live guitarist for wackiest Canadian alive, Mac DeMarco, Mr Shake brings whole new dimension to that slacker sound we love so much. ‘Every Single Thing’ is a jam, the video is great, pay attention.

Steve Lacy – ‘Ryd / Dark Red’

Steve Lacy is not only Compton’s next big thing, he’s been famous for years as part of Odd Future affiliates The Internet, and he’s only 18. Left of centre soul meets jangly guitars and stoner sensibilities on new jam ‘Ryd / Dark Red’ and it’s just as glorious as you’d hope all those things coming together would be.

Thundercat – ‘Hi’ Ft. Mac Miller

Speaking of west coast wunderkinds did you know Thundercat has a new album out? Of course you did, it’s great, and you’ve already listened to it in its entirety ten times. ‘Hi’ is a bonus track from the Japanese version of Drunk which features Mac Miller and Thundercat sounding suitably inebriated over a warped lounge beat that also samples Mario Bros, so yeah, ‘odd’ is putting it lightly.

Anteros – ‘Drunk’

Sticking to a theme here, Anteros provide the second ‘Drunk’ release of the year, although based on this title track their new EP isn’t going to be bass-driven jazz odyssey about the excess of the music industry. It is, however, probably going to be a little more catchy.

J Hus – ‘Did You See’ 

J Hus is killing it right now. Still riding high from his Dave collab, ‘Samantha’, he’s come through with this particularly dancehall flavoured new track that has ‘sleeper hit of the summer’ written all over it. Ed Sheeran wishes he had hooks like this.

Wavves – ‘Daisy’ 

Wavves are self-releasing their new album which is good news for everyone because DIY, fucked-up Wavves has always been the best version of the band. ‘Daisy’ is one of two tracks from the new album to drop this week and it’s one of their best tracks since ‘King of the Beach.’

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