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Having just released a new EP hailed as the biggest track in Ibiza right now, Notion asked the increasingly in-demand Berlin-based DJ/Producer &ME to put together a playlist of his favourite and most influential tracks and artists to share with you all.

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Having an EP that has already been hailed as the biggest track in Ibiza at the moment, Berlin-based DJ/ Producer &ME is one for which to look out. His infectious tech-house beats, have the ability to put you in the ideal club mood. His first released ‘F.I.R.’ on record label Keinemusik; a massive club hit that features DJs Rampa, Adam Port and Reznik, also signed to Keinemusik. Another of his tracks ‘After Dark’ is another winner that captured all the right attention, and he hasn’t stopped there; his new EP Trilogy displays a contagious, repetitive sound appropriate for any dance floor occasion. The increasingly in-demand DJ has taken some time from his busy schedule to share his favourite tracks and artists that influence his work and sound.

Here Is Why – ‘Lift Me Up’ (Room 3141 Part II)

&ME: “Big fan of these Leipzig guys even before they released their first album on Riotvan. Still listening to this eight-tracker and I hope they come up with some new stuff next year. Here is a beefed up version of their album tunes.”

&ME Feat. Sabota – ‘Trilogy’

&ME: “My latest EP on Keinemusik featuring the lovely voice of Sabota. Stumbled over the Canadian duo a while ago and I am very happy to have them on my track.”

Till Von Sein Feat. Meggy – ‘Like Air’

&ME: “This is already Tills second album and easily the best one from him. Pure listening pleasure all over. Especially this chill out tune with Meggy.”

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – ‘Sacred Dance of the Demon’

&ME: “I love the excursions Damian is taking us on with every track. Hard to pick a favourite here but this one should do the trick.”

London Grammar – ‘If You Wait’ (Riva Starr Remix)

&ME: “Riva Starr’s remix for London Grammar put them on the map for me. Never heard of them before but now I am listening to their debut album If You Wait on every long distance flight. Took me a while to go through the whole LP because I fell asleep after 15 minutes – not because it’s boring just because it’s so damn relaxing.”

&ME – ‘Woods’

&ME: “The flipside of my new EP on Keinemusik. I guess this one is for club use only, but you can give it a try now.”

Spooky Black – ‘Welcome To the Hell Zone’

&ME: “If you have the time, check out the video as well. No matter if it’s Spooky Black, The Standard or anybody else from the group – the flicks are always smashing.”

Xen – ‘Bells’

&ME: “Tel Aviv on the 80s tip. Xen’s new Single ‘Bells’ totally hits the spot and is one of my favourite new discoveries from Israel.”

Jessica 6 – ‘Fun Girl’

&ME: “Former Hercules & Love Affair singer Nomi with her own project Jessica 6. I already had a couple of collaborations with her and looking forward to coming up with some new tunes in 2016.”

Terranova Feat. Lydmor & Bon Homme – ‘Skin and Bones’

&ME: “A few months ago Fetisch and I released our second album on Kompakt Records. We were more than happy to have Bon Homme & Lydmor on board again. It was quite an excursion with this track, but in the end, it all came together.”

His EP Trilogy is out now on Keinemusik.
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