10Trax: Missy Elliott returns, Mac DeMarco and Future Islands tease forthcoming albums and we find our new favourite record label

Scrub the image of Theresa May and Donald Trump holding hands out of your minds with the best releases from the last seven days.

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Beyonce is pregnant with twins! Breathe a collective sigh of relief everyone, because for once on this frozen hellscape of a planet there is some good news. Also, Process is out today, so we now have the perfect soundtrack to the intermittent weeping that passes as a social life these days. Keep it together everyone, the orange one, and his new BBF Theresa May haven’t beaten us yet. Keep hope alive this week with new music from Future Islands, Dave and J Hus, Mac DeMarco and Priests as well as the return of the OG herself Missy Elliott.


Future Islands – ‘Ran’ 

Remember when you first heard ‘Seasons’? That moment of pure summery transcendence as Samuel T. Herring’s soulful cookie monster voice transported you away? Well ‘Ran’ is that moment all over again. Welcome back Future Islands, the world needs you.

Dave X J Hus – ‘Samantha’

This. This right here. This is where Dave blew up. When he’s co-headlining Drake’s next arena tour and people are wondering when the hell Dave go so big, show them this. Shouts to J Hus as well, man can carry a melody.

Mac DeMarco – ‘This Old Dog’   

Kick off your shoes, turn off your phone, its Mac DeMarco time. The weather’s crept above 0 for the time in a few weeks, so now is the perfect time to find a field and live the country bumpkin life you’ve always dreamed of.

Blondie – ‘Fun’

The first of two pretty major returns this week. Debbie Harry and co are back with a new album, and they’ve embraced the disco grooves that were always at the heart of Blondie’s greatest moments. Sure it’s no reverse-chipmunked ‘Call Me’ but man, if you listen to this while strutting down your local high-street, you will feel like you’re running shit.

Formation – ‘A Friend’ 

Formation are like the Killers if Brandon Flowers had an anarchist phase, but not in a PWR BTTM way. Their video for a ‘A Friend’ is all about conflict and romance with the band members literally alternating between fighting and making out. We all feel like this at the moment.

Priests – ‘Pink White House’

Ok so this one isn’t new but Priests’ debut album is, and it’s great so don’t @ me. We might have an Orange White House at the moment, but we can still dream that one day it’ll be pink.

Snail Mail – ‘Thinning’ 

The second consecutive release from Sister Polygon Records on this week’s playlist, ‘Thinning’ is melancholic, shouty girl guitar rock at its best. Think Best Coast but without the west coast optimism.

Missy Elliot – ‘I’m Better’ ft. Lamb 

Even Missy Elliott can’t escape the genre-swallowing titan that is trap. You could see this as an icon jumping on the new school sound in a bit to remain relevant or you could just accept that this is actually pretty hard.

Cultura – ‘No Tengo Mass’ 

The genre tags on SoundCloud have this one down as #AfroTrap, but there’s definitely some reggaeton influences on this as well. That said, dancehall and afrobeat carry the main rhythm for sure. Bust this one out while relentlessly mocking your friends for getting down to that Bieber album.

Liv Dawson – ‘Searching’

Liv Dawson is early 2017’s under-dog RnB star no-one saw coming. Barely an EP into her career and she’s already got the brothers Disclosure making her beats. This is one of their best productions for a while as well, propelling the track forward with those choppy synths.

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