10Trax: It’s a new music heatwave

As if the weather wasn't hot enough for you, this week has new heat from Christine and the Queens, 03 Greedo, Bad Gyal and so many more.

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Maybe I’m just too hot and stuck to my chair with sweat to properly engage with the whirlwind of new music but it seems like relatively slim pickings this week. Years & Years’ new album is obviously dominating the new music Friday news but my hunch is that no one wants their single to get lost in the chaotic blur that is going to be London Pride and England in the World Cup Quater Final in one day. That’s just smart marketing. That said there is new music from Christine and the Queens (!), Bad Gyal, Francis and the Lights and Mabel so it might be that first thing about the heat and my addled brain after all.

Christine and the Queens – ‘Doesn’t Matter’

Yes, I’ve made the deliberate choice to include the French version of this track and not the English one, deal with it. It’s 2018, you can deal with a song that’s mostly sung in another language. (Editor’s note – this comment will be redacted immediately if England play France at any point in the remaining matches of the World Cup).

Bad Gyal – ‘Internationally’ 

The Worldwide Angel anthem finally gets a music video. Bad Gyal pays homage to a slew of 90s icons without losing any of her own character. Nostalgia done right.

Years & Years – ‘All For You’

This is the first of two videos this week to feature the singer in a retro-futuristic call centre, so that’s a weirdly specific new music video trope I guess? Ollie’s voice sounds better than ever though.

Azealia Banks – Treasure Island’

I’m not 100% sure if I’m on board with the rehabilitation of Azealia Banks but there’s little point in denying that ‘Treasure Island’ has the potential to be a summer-defining jam. It feels like the follow-up ‘212’ deserved seven (!!!) years ago.

Riton & Kah-Lo – ‘Ginger’

Riton & Kah-Lo are proving a pretty formidable duo. There’s a lot going on in this video, least of all the weird added lightning effects which feel a bit mid-2000s superhero movie. The tune bangs though.

Mabel, Jax Jones – ‘Ring Ring ft. Rich the Kid’

See, told you call centres were a thing now. Anyway, this song benefits in no way from Rich the Kids’ feeble eight bars tacked on the end. I hereby establish a rule that if you can’t get a sixteen and a video feature then you shouldn’t have a third verse rap feature at all. Exceptions for Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg apply.

SG Lewis x Clairo – ‘Better’

This works a lot better than I thought it would tbh. SG Lewis’ penchant for slick modern-day electro funk suits Clairo’s kind of bored vocal really well. It feels like a classic house track filtered through the apathy of the internet, but in a good way.

Francis & the Lights – ‘Try Tho We Might To’

Francis is just out here sneakily releasing new music like it’s no big deal. This is probably the most tender and fragile track on this week’s playlist. This should play across the land if England loses tomorrow.

Zilo – ‘Don’t Waste My Time’

A lot of people are channelling that Soulquarians vibe at the moment but none are doing it as well as Zilo. Her debut ‘Keep Up Wit Me’ was great and this is even better.

03Greedo – ‘Never Bend (Remix) ft. Lil Uzi Vert’

I’m not the biggest Uzi fan but goddamn Greedo knows how to pick a beat. This one’s extra hard-hitting given that Greedo’s about to start a twenty-year sentence. Listen to this and then bump The Wolf of Grape Street all weekend.

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