10Trax: Nightwave takeover

Scooter, Kraftwek and Wiley all make an appearance as Nightwave celebrates the music that made her.

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Nightwave is on the cusp of crossing over. An underground stalwart for years, the Slovenian producer drops her new EP ‘Wavejumper’ on Fools’ Gold today, and it’s set to be her biggest release yet. Having moved to London as a teenager and soaked up the UK’s flourishing garage and grime scenes you can now find her up in Glasgow kicking it with various members of LuckyMe and working on lectures, workshops and more for Red Bull Music Academy. To honour the release of ‘Wavejumper’, Nightwave broke down the records that made her the DJ and producer she is today.

Kraftwerk – ‘The Robots’

“Kraftwerk was my first contact with electronic music as my parents used to play their records and I was dancing around the room to the ‘robot’ music as a little girl. Kraftwerk were true pioneers of everything we listen to today.”

Thomas Bangalter – ‘What To Do’

“Bangalter’s Trax On Da Rocks is a record that got me into DJing. This tune in particular still makes me go wild, and I remember hearing that in the club as a teenager and thinking ‘yeah, I wanna be a DJ and make people dance’.”

Drexciya – ‘Hydro Theory’

“First time I heard Drexciya I thought ‘what the fuuuck is this’-it sounded so other-worldly and powerful. For me listening to Drexciya and other James Stinson projects loudly is a magical, almost a spiritual experience.” 

Scooter – ‘Hyper Hyper’

“Say what? Oh yeah, Scooter! I fucking love Scooter, as a young teenager in Slovenia it was probably the first contact I had with rave culture and club music. Without Scooter I would probably not have gone on to discover Detroit and Chicago techno and I think you can hear some Scooter vibes in my tunes. Definitely going to see them live in Glasgow haha.”

Rhythm Quest – ‘Closer To All Your Dreams’

“Moving on to a proper classic. How good is this? First heard it in a bunker rave back home, I looked way too young to be there but everyone was super nice to me. That’s why I fell in love with the whole culture – it really felt like home.”

Baby Ford – ‘Oochy Koochy’

“First record I ever bought! That’s a lie. First COOL record I ever bought. My actual first record was Ace of Base. Yes it was.”

DJ Deeon – ‘Freak Like Me’

“I love DJ Deeon so much. Dance Mania is up there in my top 5 labels and I always play lots of their catalogue. Deeon and I collaborated on a track ‘Hit It’ on my label, he’s played my club night Nightrave in Glasgow. He is an absolute sweetheart and we’ve become good friends (a teenage me back in Ljubljana would never believe this).”

Missy Elliot – ‘Get Ur Freak On’

“Missy is an absolute legend, such an amazing producer and has been my inspiration since I was in school. This is why role models are so important – the few women producers and DJs I knew about as a kid inspired me to keep going and to pursue this career. Missy pushed so many boundaries with her music but still doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion.”

The Streets – ‘Has It Come To This’ 

“Original Pirate Material came out when I moved to London 15 years ago and before that I didn’t really have a clue about UK music. This record got me into garage and opened a whole new world to me.”

Wiley – ‘Eskimo’

“Probably my first contact with grime! I think Wiley is a genius-we take this for granted now but early grime is brave music and some of it is very experimental whilst staying fun and approachable.”

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