10Trax: Olly Alexander will save us from the androids

Years and Years make a dramatic return, Sade emerges from the wilderness and Parquet Courts head to New Orleans.

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The three big pop releases this week are from Years & Years, Camilla Cabello and DJ Khaled & Demi Lovato, the latter of which might have one of the worst ‘this song is from a movie soundtrack u guyz’ music videos since the first Spiderman film. Ultimately because I’ve decided to limit this format to ten and only ten tracks every week, only one could make it in and it’s gonna be Years & Years because Camilla already three million views and we like an underdog here at Notion. Elsewhere this week, experimental house music’s new hopes Smerz drop a new EP, Lily Allen comes through with the latest taste of her upcoming new album and Vince Staples takes his troll game up three hundred levels. Oh yeah, Sade’s back as well.

Years & Years – ‘Sanctify’

I’m not saying that the director of this music video has frame by frame stills of Bladerunner 2020 printed out and pasted all over his walls like something from Strange Encounters… but I am saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Song’s good though.

Lily Allen – ‘Higher’

Lilz has two new tracks out this week and they’re both understated subtle numbers. ‘Higher’ comes through with a little dancehall lean on the instrumental and will almost certainly soundtrack a quietly dramatic moment in a TV show very soon.

Smerz – ‘Worth It’

Smerz just keep getting weirder and weirder and I just keep liking them more and more. ‘Worth It’ sounds like someone’s poured their pint into the soundsystem halfway through a Bonobo set, but in a good way.

Sade – ‘Flower of the Universe’

New Sade is always awaited with baited breath and there are some really lovely moments on ‘Flower of the Universe’, whoever is making the videos for A Wrinkle In Time-related songs really needs to get fired though.

Kojey Radical – ‘If Only’

Kojey sounds more commanding and in control of his flow than ever on ‘If Only’. This is supposedly the first in a series of new music so get ready for Radical season very soon.

808INK – ‘Come Down’

There’s been a really unique groove running through all of 808INK’s music lately. The way Mumblez and Charmer ride a beat is unlike anyone in the UK. If this doesn’t make you want to swagger down your local high street then you don’t have a sense of rhythm.

Vince Staples – ‘Get The Fuck Off My Dick’

Vince Staples is the king of marketing.

serpentwithfeet – ‘bless ur heart’

serpentwithfeet comes through with a majestic new ballad to kick off his debut album campaign. Frequent Bjork-collaborator Andrew T Huang absolutely bosses the video as well, give me a knitted beard or give me death.

Hinds – ‘The Club’

Hinds go back to their lo-fi days on new single ‘The Club’. Here’s hoping their new album keeps this sound alive.

Parquet Courts – ‘Wide Awake’

The parky quartz boys head to New Orleans in some rather fetching purple suits in the video for new single ‘Wide Awake’. Dancey NYC post-punk at it’s best.

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