10Trax: Remain indoors and listen to this playlist

MNEK, Little Dragon, Young Fathers and more come through some new heat to help you out during this freezing time.

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It’s March now and the trees are starting to grow buds, tulips are blossoming and soon the world will be full of new life. That’s the opening I should be writing this week, an intro dedicated to cherry blossom and crisp mornings in the sun. Instead, I’m typing with one eye worriedly staring out of the window, watching the snow pile-up and really, really regretting the fact I’ve left my hat at home. It’s gonna be another cold weekend folks, luckily streaming services aren’t affected by changes in the weather so you can still listen to all the best new releases from this week while you huddle under a duvet for warmth.

MNEK – ‘Tongue’

MNEK steps out from behind the mixing desk once again and takes on the entire British pop landscape in one song. This has spoken word, soaring choruses and even a PC music-esque breakdown at the end. Expect more hits soon.

D Double E – ‘Nang ft. Skepta’

D Double E is finally releasing his debut album. A veteran of grime he’s one of the scenes most slept-on MCs, yet to receive the mainstream props of Wiley or his guest on this track Skepta. ‘Nang’ is proper old school dirtee business with just a hint of modern day grime, perfect!

Young Fathers – ‘Toy’

Just a week to go until Young Fathers release what is probably going to be one of the best albums of the year so far. ‘Toy’ is the latest taste of what’s to come and true to form it’s spooky, tender and confrontational all at once. The chemistry between G, Kayus and Aloyisuis is unbelievable.

Iceage – ‘Pain Killer ft Sky Ferriera’

Iceage link up with goth-pop star Sky Ferriera on gruff new single ‘Pain Killer’ which sounds like Sonic Youth with a horn section, bruising and celebratory all at once.

Chvrches – ‘My Enemy ft. Matt Berninger’

Safe to say I didn’t expect Chvrches to enlist the lead singer of The National for their new single but well, they have and well, it’s pretty good actually. File this under ‘music to brood about the snow to’.

Little Dragon – ‘Best Friends’

Little Dragon has just nailed how to combine funky disco instrumentals with shimmering dream pop vocals, haven’t they? At first, you’re floating in Yukimi’s voice and then all of sudden you’re grooving to that thumping bassline.

Peggy Gou – ‘Han Jan’

Peggy Gou’s new EP is out today and it’s a masterclass in retro house production that doesn’t lean on nostalgia. ‘Han Jan’ is the latest single but if you’ve heard ‘It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)’ you’ll know that the full EP is well worth your time.

Tom Misch – ‘It Runs Through Me ft. De La Soul’

Tom Misch is out here getting fucking De La Soul to feature on his tracks. Can you imagine anything like this happening five years ago? Tom Misch wasn’t even eighteen five years ago. To anyone that hasn’t realised that UK jazz is the future, we’re here now, wake up already.

King Tuff – ‘Raindrop Blue’

It’s been a good week for horn sections so far and King Tuff is keeping that going, pulling in some strange sounding saxophones for his new single ‘Raindrop Blue’.

Dave – ‘Hangman’

The phrase ‘voice of a generation’ gets bandied about a lot, but with every track like this Dave makes a stronger case for himself as the voice of his. ‘Hangman’ is devastatingly real track up there with ‘Question Time’ in terms of straight-talking takedowns of the status quo.

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