10Trax: Rude Kid’s ultimate grime instrumentals

The legendary grime producer gives us the lowdown on his favourite grime beats of all time.

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Rude Kid is a grime icon. Making his start ’07, he’s seen the rise of grime from much maligned niche to global force. The producer has worked with the likes of Skepta, Ghetts, and Boy Better Know, and ultimately landed his own slot on Kiss FM. He’s responsible for some of best productions in the scene today, all instantly recognisable thanks to his unmistakable sonic tag – ‘Are You Ready?’ But how exactly did Rude Kid create his distinctive style of grime? We got him to take control of the 10Trax playlist this week to break own his biggest influences and all time favourite grime productions. Sadly, you’ll need to add your own rewinds.

Rebound X – ‘Rhythm & Gash’

“This tune might as well be the Grime National Anthem. It goes hard no matter where you play it and it’s over 10 years old.”

Treble Clef – ‘Ghetto Kyote’

“No joke, when I get married I’m going to get this played in the background. One of the sickest melodies made in grime and it’s over 10 years old as well! Legendary grime tune!”

Danny Weed – ‘Creeper’

“I remember when I first heard this tune, for me this was the first screw-face tune, the tune that makes you nod your head with a lemon face.”

Skepta – ‘DTI’

“For people that don’t know, Skepta was making bad boy instrumentals and still is ’til this day. This tune used to go off in a set.”

Davinche – ‘Eyes On You’

“I still play this tune now in sets, what a sick tune from Davinche. Perfect tune for MCs to MC on!’

Dizzee Rascal – ‘Streetfighter’

“Dizzee made a lot of sick grime tunes, I feel like this tune got slept on a bit, I can listen to this on repeat for a hour! This only came out on vinyl I think.”

DJ Wonder – ‘What’

“This is when grime started to get dark! Another tune that will never get old. Timelesss beat.”

Ruff Sqwad – ‘Pied Piper’

“Ruff Sqwad inspired me a lot when I was growing up making music, I would listen to their tunes on repeat. I still drop this now in raves and it goes offff.”

Rude Kid – ‘One Take’

“I had to put this in there because all the tunes I grew up listening to inspired me to make this, and it’s one of the biggest tunes out now as well it dropped since last year.”

Wiley – ‘Eskimo’

“This tune is the reason I make grime today! I remember hearing this for the first time and will never forget thinking ‘What the hell is this, this is sick” – respect to Wiley the Godfather of grime.”

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