10Trax: S4U’s ultimate bank holiday burners

The bank holiday's set to be a scorcher, luckily S4U have made us an even hotter playlist to soundtrack it.

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S4U, aka Rosita Bonita and Prinz George, are the most exciting thing to come out the 90s RnB revival for some time. Crafting spectral, borderline-gothic tracks that draw on the history of the genre, the London-based duo have carved a niche for themselves in a genre dominated by the US. The pair dropped their latest single ‘Isle of Dogs’ earlier this month on Lily Allen’s Bank Holiday records and with the end of May bank holiday this weekend, we couldn’t think of anyone better to take over the 10Trax playlist this week.

Stormzy – ‘100 Bags’

Rosita Bonita: “MumG’s! Killin’ it representing the realness. Needing to give back and put in. Reminder of why I’m climbing so hard.”

Madonna – ‘Justify My Love’ 

Prinz George: “The backstory for how this track came to be born is almost as good as it’s sonics. The depths to Lenny Kravitz’s production at this point is insane, and don’t get me started on the video.” 

Ben Hauke – ‘I Kinda Missed It ft. Joe Armon Jones’

RB: “My G’s! Exquisite composers, hit me in my hips long-time. Dis wan new new from Jan.”

Gang Starr – ‘You Know My Steez’

PG: “After Outkast, Gang Starr are my go to hip hop duo, maybe just duo in general. This song exhibits Guru’s extra-terrestrial flow over 4 legendary verses, and Premier’s production still knocks.”

Klein – ‘Hello ft. Jacob Samuel’

RB: “YG’s! Errrrgh HELLO! Still my epic puller one year on! I can get down to Klein, I like her, I like her a lot.”

Blood Brothers – ‘Pink Tarantulas’

PG: “The first track I ever heard from these guys walking home from school with my mates trying to out weird each other. This track kicked off a long ass love affair. Alas they are no more.”

Crazy Bald Heads – ‘First Born’

RB: “OG’s! My fave song of all time, before Burial. A right fizz popper. Squirtin’ all over the shop, inspiration from the true pimps, before you 50, and you too M.I A.!”

India.Arie – ‘The Truth’

PG: “I was recently reminded of this track at an afterparty at the Malmaison in Glasgow surrounded by genuinely great friends. Has this after church glow. Timeless, really.”

S4U – ‘Isle of Dogs’ 

RB: “Because it is an eccentric heartacher! I feel mulling in an ancient plug. As if I am being washed up on a beach. I always feel like I am revealing a secret when performing. Its also my named after my most favourite place in London.”


PG “This is where our story began and it still somehow hasn’t driven me crazy yet. I could listen to and perform this all day long.”

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