10Trax: Selena Gomez takes on Talking Heads, Chance the Rapper has this dance and J Hus steps out like it’s Common Sense

We double up on Chance the Rapper, get a dose of UK soul from Chloe Leone and find the week's best new releases.

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Good times for a change! Trump is one step closer to impeachment, Chelsea Manning is out of prison, and Vince Staples has a new album on the way; the tide is turning! Of course, there’s also a slew of new music, including bangers from J Hus, Vince Staples and Noga Erez and a slightly misguided new single from Katy Perry who is still on a mission to prove that she’s woke now.

Selena Gomez – ‘Bad Liar’

A year ago, if you’d told me Selena Gomez would get a David Byrne co-sign and drop a track that samples ‘Psycho Killer’ and that said track would be good, I would have probably laughed in your face. Now though, we live in a nightmarish alternative reality where Harry Styles is a rock star, Donald Trump is the president and Theresa May wants to control what you can post on the internet so, yeah, why the hell not Selena?

Francis and The Lights – ‘May I Have This Dance (Ft. Chance the Rapper)’

Chance and Francis come through with the sequel to the ‘Friends’ video in the visual for the new ‘May I Have This Dance’ remix, and it’s just really lovely, isn’t it? Francis and the Lights continue to be underrated so go and listen to Farewell, Starlite! if you haven’t already.

Chance the Rapper – ‘They Say (Prod. Kaytranada)’

Did you really expect me to just pick one of the new Chance the Rapper joints to feature this week? ‘They Say’ has achieved almost mythical status at this point and the studio version does not disappoint. It’s like Acid Rap all over again.

Katy Perry – ‘Swish Swish (Featuring Nicki Minaj)’

So first off, ‘Swish Swish’ is always going to be a Swet Shop Boys’ song to me so Katy’s on the backfoot for this one already. Second off all, isn’t she supposed to be woke now? Because, other than the Roland Clark sample, this just sounds like Katy biting trap slang in an attempt to sound ‘current’ which, hasn’t she done before? Where are your pop dystopias now, Perry?

Lifestyle – ‘Intercourse’

Katy Perry rant over, time for something to lower the blood pressure. Lifestyle’s new single ‘Intercourse’ is just the thing, a woozy, gently looping cut that, as the name suggests, wouldn’t go amiss on a night late playlist or two.

Lil Yachty – ‘X Men (ft. Evander Griim)’

Spaces on the playlist are pretty tight this week and I’m not going to lie, it was either ‘X Men’ or the new DJ Shadow and Nas cut; has there ever been a clash more illustrative of hip hop’s generational divide? ‘X Men’ has restored my hope for the Yachty album next week so, sorry Nas and Shadow, but the kids win this time.

Blessed – ‘Venom

If you’re in need of some old school RnB vibes this week, then may we suggest Blessed’s debut track ‘Venom’? Packed with harmonies and more vocal tricks than an Ariana Grande album it’s 90s revivalism at it’s best.

Chloé Leone – ‘Comfortably Me’

The soul music coming out of this country right now just keeps getting better and better, and Chloe Leone is a shining example of that. New track ‘Comfortably Me’ sees her extol the virtues of self acceptance in a never ending quest to be real.

Vince Staples – ‘Big Fish’

Vince Staples just announced his new album and if Zane Lowe is to be believed, it’s going to have the best features list this side of Humanz. ‘Big Fish’ is the first taste we’ve had of the project, and safe to say, we’re hooked (sorry).

J Hus – ‘Common Sense’

Let’s be real, this last week has been all about one man, J Hus. The genre defying Londoner dropped his debut album last week and it’s been on repeat ever since, this morning Hus came through with the video for title track ‘Common Sense’ and it’s every bit as triumphant as you’d expect.

A few honourable mentions this week: Dan Auerbach’s ‘Waiting on A Song’, Raye’s ‘The Line’, Danger Mouse, RTJ and Big Boi on ‘Chase Me’ and Fling Lotus’ new cuts; all great songs, all worth checking out.

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