10Trax: Silvester’s essential Roskilde moments

Silvester premiere their new video for 'Show Me You' and give us their must see moments from this year's Roskilde festival.

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Roskilde kicks off tomorrow. Northern Europe’s answer to Glastonbury has established itself firmly as one of the best festivals in the world, pulling in a host of international names each year. However, it’s also a hub for homegrown talent, featuring some of the best Danish acts around. One such act is Silvester, the Copenhagen-based three-piece specialising in dreamy bedroom RnB. To celebrate the start of the festival we got the group’s frontman Awinbeh Ayagiba to take over this week’s 10Trax with his must-see moments for this year’s fest and the premiere of the group’s DIY new video for ‘Show Me You’.

Silvester – ‘Show Me You’

“This video is about the delicate line between being a romantic and a pervert – especially when online. This delicate line goes for love as well which is the theme of the song really; show me how you look when nobody looks.” 

Solange – ‘Cranes in the Sky’ 

“First of all the new album. Then there’s the SNL performance… and then I have that sense we would have a great time should we suddenly hang out at the festival. No matter what, Solange is def one of my highest anticipated concerts this year.”

Princess Nokia – ‘Brujas’

“I caught Nokia’s first Danish show this winter, which was… intense. She was like: “tall guys to the back and girls and blacks to the front.” Never sure where she wanted me exactly, but it was very entertaining, and I’m sure she will pull off something even more scandalous at Roskilde.”

The Avalanches –  ‘Since I left You’ 

“Although the new stuff seems kind of so so, the 2000’s Since I Left You is, in my opinion, one of the most important records ever made. Hate to be that guy, but I really hope they play some of the old stuff.”

Noah Carter – ‘5000’ 

“Noah is hot Danish rap news these days, and I’m thrilled to find that the new album lived up the hype. It’s good and he’s really good. Just saw in the programme that he’s playing kinda late the day before our show though, but expect him to be great when I’m sober too.”

Jada – ‘Sure’ 

“Jada is one of the most promising new artists Denmark has seen for a loooooong time and a very dear friend of Silvester’s. Being both an incredible singer, songwriter and producer the sky seems to be the only limit for this young lady. Although she’s not on the Roskilde lineup herself, rumour has it she will be featuring with another upcoming act this year…  stay tuned.” 

Group Doueh – ‘Kar Labyad Doueh’

“Roskilde is historically good at booking legendary lineups from the “world-music-scene” (hate the term though) and Group Doueh is one of those bookings. What this stuff lacks in high fidelity, it makes up in other-worldly musicianship.”

Lil Uzi Vert – ‘You Was Right’ 

“This thing will be lit since it’s just his time right now. I’ve been obsessed with this part sympathetic, part scandalous character since I heard him on ‘Bad and Boujee’ and I’m still loving the fact that you can never really tell what this guy is up to. Great on Instagram too.”

Cashmere Cat – ‘9 (After Coachella) ft. MØ, SOPHIE’

“CC’s new album is my most recently ‘saved’ album on Spotify – and I gotta say it’s one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard this year. I’m certain the show will be banging – and hopefully MØ stops by and says hello on  ‘9’. Would make my day 4sure.”

Phlake – ‘Ouch’ 

“Phlake is opening the Orange stage this year which is this HUGE thing in Denmark, and they are in my mind perfect for the job. I’ve been following their preparations during this spring (since i’m in the same studio building as them) and though I can’t reveal a thing, I can only say I’m truly looking forward to it.”

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