10Trax: Tears & Marble takeover

Notion asked Dutch 80s new wave influenced duo Bella Hay and Cris Kuhlen, also known as Tears & Marble, to create a playlist of their favourite 80s hits to have you dancing this Friday Afternoon!

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Tears & Marble

The 80s new wave influenced duo Tears & Marble initially launched onto the music scene via their cover of Haddaway’s 90s hit ‘What is Love’. The cover is a captivating, low-tempo version of the classic hit, brilliant in its own right and entirely different from the cheesy pop classic that we once all came to love. Bella’s vocals are gripping and hypnotic, and the production of the track, courtesy of Cris, is otherworldly.

Their follow-up single of ‘We Don’t Like You’ was released earlier this year along with their EP Romance, a five-track electronic journey. ‘We Don’t Like You’ is a particularly standout track for us with its haunting production and layered by the duo’s harmonies and punchy lyrics. Heavily influenced by the new wave scene of the 80s, we asked the duo to create a playlist of their favourite 80s hits. There are some classics in the playlist including songs by Cyndi Lauper and Talk Talk, and it’s easy to see the influence this selection of artists have had on their sound.

Tears & Marble will play The Dutch Impact Showcase at Pop Festival later today and Paradiso, Amsterdam in October, but we are hoping they will head this way soon.

The Smiths – ‘Half A Person’

Bella: “One of my ultimate teenage jams. I once met Morrissey backstage at a festival, couldn’t control myself and made a total fool out of myself telling him that he was God. He gave me some pins with his face on it.”

Terrance Tee – ‘She’s A Party Girl’

Cris: “It’s just that punchy and crisp drum machine that does it for me…took me a while to get used to the vocal, but nevertheless: killer tune.”

Godley & Créme – ‘Cry’

Cris: “Beautiful song. That voice just goes straight through me.”

The Church – ‘Under the Milky Way’

Bella: “Such a gem! If you can make bagpipes sound acceptable, you’re my friend.”

The Gun Club – ‘Sex Beat’

Bella: “This album, Fire Of Love, is one of my all-time favourites. It sounds like Pixies’, just a little dirtier and earlier.”

Crowded House – ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’

Cris: “Every time I hear this, I start howling along, the songwriting is just insanely good.”
The lead singer of Crowded House, Neil Finn, is still releasing music, visit his website here.

The The – ‘This Is The Day’

Bella: “For me, this is instant feel-good sunshine vibes!”

Talk Talk – ‘Such a Shame’

Cris: “To me, Mark Hollis has one of the most iconic voices of the 80’s.
 Still, can’t figure out what synth they used for the seagull sounds, though.”

Cyndi Lauper – ‘Time After Time’

Bella: “I can’t help but love this song. The video is also amazing: she lives in a trailer in the woods and gets into a fight with her boyfriend over her new hairstyle.”

Womack & Womack – ‘Teardrops’

Cris: “Hands down, one of the best written and produced songs of all time. 
It has everything I could possibly wish for in a track.”

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