10Trax: The insider’s guide to Roskilde Festival

Roskilde's head of music and creation takes over with his top moments to look out for at next week's festival.

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Roskilde kicks off next week! Founded way back in 1971 by a pair of highschool students it’s grown to become the biggest festival in Northern Europe and one of the biggest in the world. With everyone from Arcade Fire to Ice Cube on this year’s line-up it’s set to be one of the highlights of Europe’s festival schedule, we got the festival’s head of music and creation to make us an exclusive playlist of the moments he’ll looking forward to most.

Slowdive – ‘Star Roving’

“When Slowdive started playing live again a few years ago, no one knew how fully fledged the comeback would be. With their new album, they’ve added another beautiful layer to their legacy.”

The xx – ‘Say Something Loving’

“Slightly less introverted or simply more pop? It’s very impressive how The xx have fully kept their integrity while opening up as much as they have. They’re more accessible but still subtle.”

The Avalanches – ‘Harmony’

Another breathtaking comeback. Some of us almost gave up on Wildflower ever seeing the light of day, but it was well worth the wait. Their way of sampling is both fun, giving and inspiring.”

Sigrid – ‘Plot Twist’

“The Norwegian is still only 20 years old. Her debut single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ made her a sensation almost overnight, and follow-up “Plot Twist” firmly proved that was no coincidence.”

Foo Fighters – ‘Run’

This is a classic Foo’s song in so many ways. From the delicate to the slightly aggressive, from the thrashing verse to the melodically superior chorus, this new single will sound absolutely massive live.”

Irah – ‘Into Dimensions’ 

“Irah is a really exciting Danish act that both recall early trip-hop and more modern R&B-tinged pop. They are often very subtle, patiently building up their songs. For a relatively new act, they have a remarkably distinct sound.”

Princess Nokia – ‘Tomboy’

Destiny Fraqueri fluidly moves between rapping and singing. Not only is there an abundance of talent, she also has more on her mind that most artists you’re likely to meet.”

Group Doueh & Cheveu – ‘Bord De Mer’

“We have artists from more than 30 countries playing each year, and one of the most exciting things is when acts from different traditions play together: Group Doueh is a family from Morocco who are teaming up with French psych-punk trio for a very interesting mix.”

Vanishing Twin – ‘Telescope’

“Now, this is an adventure. Vanishing Twin point in all sorts of directions, and they’re all lovely. Fans of Stereolab and Broadcast will love them, and they even feature a member of the latter.”

Arcade Fire – ‘Everything Now’

The long-awaited new album is getting closer! They have managed to incorporate something ABBA-esque while staying true to the qualities that have made them huge.”

For the full Roskilde line-up and tickets head to the Roskilde website.