10Trax: The Moonlandingz’ rebel anthems takeover

Synthesist, songwriter & creator of semi fictional Ouija Pop group, The Moonlandingz - Adrian Flanagan, chooses some of his favourite 'outsiders and community rebels' from the far reaches of his record collection.

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Other worldly pysch-rockers Goat are hosting a huge party at Brixton Academy at the end of the month and they’ve enlisted plenty of their friends along to perform. Chief among these friends are The Moonlandingz the ;semi-fictional’ side project of the Fat white Family’s Lias Saudi and one the few bands that could rival the headliners for sheer out-there-ness. In honour of such a bizarre Brixton party, we got The Moonlandingz founder, synthesist and songwriter, Adrian Flanagan to pick out his ultimate outsider anthems. Crate-diggers and cassette hoarders take note, this one’s for you.

Congress Woman Malinda Jackson Parker – ‘Bush Cow Milk’

“Malinda was this eccentric Local politician from Liberia who played and sang lyrically revamped folk songs about her cultural concerns affecting her constituents. In contrast to our current leaders, she gave a shit about those who have not. A woman generous of spirit and generous of heart. I can’t imagine old Theresa May on the piano singing about the needs of the poor and the disenfranchised, Theresa’s songs would be very boring – her choruses would be all “money money, me me, money money, me!!” And they’d be devoid of any heart and any feeling, basically, they’d be a Gary Barlow song!!”

Gary Schneider – ‘My Green Tamborine’

“San Francisco-based ‘synth lounge exotica’ outsider musician, Gary Schneider, made a couple of self-released albums in the late 70’s early 80’s which now fetch a lot of money in collector circles and you can hear why…Green Tambourine is a dreamy and charming little effort about busking. I dig it; I dig it loads!!”

Yuri Morozov – ‘Nezyasnimoe’

“Russian experimental electronic artist Yuri Morozov’s music was banned by the KGB for its forbidden content which from my point of view is a massive crime in itself, subsequently, the 4- something albums that he did manage to produce over 30 odd years were only released on cassette and passed around privately to people within the Soviet underground music scene. This particular track is a psychedelic prog-tronic cracker.”

Branda Ray – ‘Do You Hear Me’

“Saul from the Fat Whites/Insecure Men got me in to Naffi Sandwich/Brenda Ray. Like everyone’s favourite Pop G, Rick Astley, Brenda comes from somewhere slap bang between Manchester & Liverpool and has been putting out records and releases of a D.I.Y, lo-fi wonky dub nature for near on 40 years and every one of them are little rays of awkward fragile sunshine. Hunt her down, become pen pals!” 

Bill Joy – ‘How Long Are You Staying’

“This song is taken from an album comp of ‘song poems’. Song Poems originated in America, where Joe Public (via magazine adverts) would send their lyrics in to session musicians & singers, who for a small fee, would turn their lyrics in to an actual song then press a couple of copies of said song to vinyl as a novelty gift for their Mams & Dads. As ‘Joe Public’ is in general a lunatic and in no way ever gonna win an Ivor Novello, the content of the lyrics were often either very far out, or…very very shit, as can be heard on this excellently terrible song about Disco. Stilettos off, leg warmers on, get down!”

Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth for Christ Choir – ‘Like a Ship (without a Sail)’

“Originally a self released gospel soul record from 1971, written and recorded by a Midwest U.S Pastor who used his music to help bring the young people of Chicago to the church. This record is the fruits of his labour and it is dripping with spiritual & heavenly sweat. It has recently been re-issued by the brilliant ‘Light in the Attic’ label, Hallelujah!” 

Shooby Taylor – ‘Speedo’

“Shooby specialised in the art of Scat and lyrical codswallop. He recorded these audio gems in a studio in NYC and then pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. If only Ed Sheeran took this approach to music.”

Electro Honky – ‘Kings Have Long Arms’

“Little is known about this mysterious figure other than he is from Salford and from his back bedroom put out around 10, incredibly absurd, privately pressed singles of catchy, yet slightly daft, electronic brilliance. Sometimes he got legends to sing his songs (Phil Oakey, Mungo Jerry to Candie Payne) and sometimes he sang them himself. Apparently, he very rarely sold them in shops and would just leave them on busses or in charity shops for people to find. He’s definitely got a Moonlandingz sense of humour to his lyrics.” 

Tangela Tricoli – ‘Jet Lady’

“This sweet little number takes flight in places no ‘mile high’ clubber is ever gonna reach. Tangela was apparently the first ever female qualified to fly a 747 Jet and from her earnings as a pilot paid for her very own album to be released. Money in no way wasted.” 

Connie Kim – ‘Anh Dau Em Do’

“Another cassette only release from the far reaches of Saigon and like many of the Vietnamese songs of the day, they were anti capitalist songs that veered towards more independent thought and free will. We should all raise a glass to these heroes of the true underground, without whom, music would be so clinically wank!! “

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