10Trax: Toddla T Winter Carnival special

Because it's almost Christmas, this week we have an extra special takeover honour of Toddla T's massive Winter Carnival, where he's taken over the 10Trax with a selection of the best moments from his Radio 1Xtra show.

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Toddla T

This week we’ve got a little something extra for you. Normally we only do one playlist per week but as it’s almost Christmas (the advent calendars are out, don’t @ me) we’ve come through with a bonus this week. The credit doesn’t belong entirely to the ghost of Christmas future, though, as today’s extra special takeover is honour of Toddla T’s massive Winter Carnival. Having already bossed Notting Hill earlier this year, Toddla decided that once a year isn’t enough, so he’s taking over Oval Space today for an all-day session of grime, drum n bass, dancehall, and reggae. To give us a taste of what to expect he’s taken over the 10Trax with a selection of the best moments from his Radio 1Xtra show.

Skepta Remixes ‘That’s Not Me’ Live On Air 

Toddla T: “This was on the eve of the release of ‘That’s Not Me,’ and it felt like something real ‘cultural’ was about to happen, and it did. When Skep said he was bringing a few man through, I wasn’t ready for who he did… a bit of a dream come true this set.”

Novelist channels General Levy 

Toddla T: “We like to put artists on riddims that people aren’t used to. We decided on the beat literally a minute before he came in, Nov didn’t hear that track, just went straight in. I wasn’t ready; effortless. People actually request for me to play this when I DJ out.”

Kabaka – ‘Pyramid’

Toddla T: “I love the Jamaica / UK crossover and exchange musically, this one works perfectly for me. Kabaka fucked it up; again he had never heard the beat before this.”

Wicky Wacky Freestyle

Toddla T: “Filmed on a beach called ‘Wicky Wacky’ just outside of Kingston, Jamaica. I invited some of my favourite up ‘n’ coming artists from Jamaica to spray on UK riddims, not a bad day int’ office.”

AJ Tracey – ‘Leave Me Alone’

Toddla T: “Each year I do a session from Maida Vale to tip off who I think is gonna bust in the next year, AJ Tracey is one of them for 2017.”

Nadia Rose – ‘Get To Know’

Toddla T: “STEEZE! My favourite artist right now, Nadia Rose from my ‘Freshman special 2017’ at Maida Vale. This is my production too. TODDLA T PRODUCKYY!”

Xmas Cypher

Toddla T: “A bag of my favourite MCs cypher style from Maida Vale where I threw a Christmas bash… MAD!”

Kojey Radical Freestyle

Toddla T: “Kojey Radical, no other artist like him… amazing. This was his first ever freestyle. He was nervous, but you can’t tell. He duppied.”

D Double E takes on ‘Hot Boy’

Toddla T: “I’m a D Double E nerd. I asked him to do a cover of Bobby Smurda’s ‘Hot Boy’ as it was the biggest tune at the time. The thing about inviting artists to the studio, it’s like a private concert. LOVE IT.”

CoCo Freestyle

Toddla T: “This is the first time I’d met Coco, his talent and professionalism blew me away. After this I decided to work with him much, much more.”

Toddla T’s Winter Carnival takes place today at Oval Space, Hackney
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