Ada + Nik fill us in on their Gen Art 2015 Award win

Congratulations to one of our favourite new menswear brands, Ada + Nik, the first ever British label to be chosen for the renowned Gen Art 2015 award. We caught up with the designers Ada Zanditon and Nik Thakkar to find out what this means for the brand

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Design duo, Ada + Nik, only launched their first collection in Autumn 2014 and have already taken the UK by storm. They will now not only show at New York Fashion Week, but all also be mentored by members of the esteemed Gen Arts fashion jury. In terms of style, the brand draws on 70’s punk, but the stunning simplicity of their all black clothing gives the label a ‘timeless’ feel.

Being selected for this prestigious award is sure to open further doors for the emerging design duo, as they follow in the footsteps of acclaimed brands including Rodarte, Zac Posen and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Their striking and sustainable menswear is set to take off in the US, just as it has here in the UK.

We managed to talk to the designers, Ada Zanditon and Nik Thakkar, ahead of their show in NYC to find out why they feel their brand was chosen for this prestigious award.

Firstly congratulations on being selected for the Gen Art 2015 award. How does it feel?

Ada + Nik: It’s a balance of surreal and a lot of responsibility, but we’re so excited for the opportunity. It’s such a huge compliment to what we have been relentlessly working on.

As the first ever British label to be selected for this prestigious award, what do you think it was about your brand and your collection that resonated most with the nominators?

Our perspective and conceptual yet commercially viable fusion between pre-industrial Revolution Greco-Roman meets British 1970s punk is unique – also the fact that we are a duo consisting of a couturier and creative is something that no-one else has to offer the market right now. To have a brand that is from London and epitomises so much of London’s culture and subcultures but yet is palatable in the US is also a very individual trait that we have. Our innovation with wearable tech is such an integral part of our DNA now as a brand, and we do it in a way that isn’t gimmicky or obtrusive, so we feel that people really respond to that honesty.

How different do you think the experience of showing at LFW and showing in NYC will be?

The audience will be the main difference, there’s a different eye in the U.S. than in the UK. America has embraced us from the moment we announced that we would start working together on a design level, more so than a lot of other markets. Both of us have grown up in American culture, which has shaped our creative vision and personal ambitions, so showing in New York is like a level of acceptance into a market that has inspired us both so much.

Having been selected to show at the event, what key opportunities will this hold for you?

Let’s wait and see – we’re just very excited to have this platform and for some incredible individuals to experience our vision.


To stay up to date on the latest styles, follow the duo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or visit the Ada + Nik website to view collections past, present and future.

Words: Laura Dickinson
Photography: Fiona Garden
Makeup / Grooming: AnnMarie Lawson
Fashion: Ada + Nik