Why you should add Elder Island to your must-see bands of 2017

This live performance of 'Bamboo' gave us goosebumps

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Bristol-based band Elder Island put an end to their hiatus back in November with the release of their Seeds in Sand EP, their first release since their debut in 2014. The 5-track EP is an intricate web of sounds; multi-layered, ambient and off-centre, and the perfect kind of electronica you wish they still played in clubs and bars non nostalgically. Tracks ‘Key One’ and ‘Black Fur’ are especially suited for the dance floors of your favourite indie club.

The three-piece recently recorded some live versions of the core songs from the new EP at London’s Metropolis studios, including luscious track ‘Bamboo‘ which you can watch below. The performance shows how live each subtlety within their sound becomes more apparent, and so appreciated. It also shows why you should add Elder Island to your must-see bands of this year. It’s a little bit magic.

On the track ‘Bamboo’, Elder Islands explain:
“After having an obsession with Japan for some time, Katy had just come back from her travels there and as you’d expect, was feeling a little dejected & disorientated. This song is based around that feeling of being at odds with where you are. The uncomfortable sense that you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere; learning to settle. Luke had also just returned from travelling with a plethora of percussive instruments including a Ghanaian marimba, which makes up the signature melody of the song.”

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