All the tracks you need to dance to this NYE

Lion Babe, Angel. MiC Lowry, Vanessa White and more all give you their failsafe tunes for the biggest party of the year

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Few nights of the year enjoy as much hype as the final night of the year, and few will probably be as disappointing if it doesn’t go to plan. By your early twenties, you will have come to the conclusion that if you choose to go out on NYE, it will consist of you spending at least double what you would on any normal Saturday night, you’ll have to endure a lengthy wait trying to get into the club you bought over-priced tickets to, one of your mates will get ridiculously shit faced and spend most of the night on the bathroom floor and when you finally peak, you’ll have to forgo the 3.2 surcharge on Uber just so you don’t freeze.

The best of us know that unless you’re jet-setting off somewhere plush, the ideal way to see in the New Year is having a party where you get to chose the venue, the music and the people you spend it with. We asked some of our favourite artists to help sort out arguably the most important part of the night and give us their ultimate top tunes to bring in 2017.

Whether you’re throwing the biggest party your street’s ever seen or you need some pre-party tracks to get you going, press play, turn it up and say goodbye to year that will be forever remembered as an icon snatcher.
2017, we’re coming at ya.

Raleigh Ritchie

The multi-talent that is actor and musician Mr Ritchie has had a huge year, having released his debut album You’re a Man Now, Boy earlier in 2016 and a new EP just this month. He lets us in on the tracks that will have him on the dancefloor tonight.

Stevie Wonder – ‘For Once in My Life’

Raleigh: My favourite song of all time. Hearing it makes you feel like you have purpose which is exactly what you need at the start of a new year.

ESG – ‘Dance’

Raleigh Ritchie: Continuous rhythmic catchiness. You can’t not dance to this. It’s in the title.

Evelyn Champagne King – ‘Love Come Down’

Raleigh Ritchie: I immediately rate anybody that drops this song. You’re a robot if you’re not singing along by the last chorus.



Bringing back the girl band like it was 1999, M.O have been firing out their dance floor ready tracks including their banger ‘Not In Love’ featuring Kent Jones all year. All three girls give us the low down on the tunes they’ll get low to this NYE and, in true 90s style, there are some classics in there, starting with…

Jennifer Lopez – ‘If You Had my Love’

Annie: This was my first memorable song, it takes me back so vividly. It was the first song I heard that made me want to sing (actually I just wanted to be J-LO, haha!)

Sean Paul – ‘Give Me The Light’

Annie: This takes me back to a time when I was trying to sneak into clubs when I was underage. Everyone would go mad for it.

JP Cooper – ‘September Song’

Nadine: I think JP Cooper is so talented, and I think he’s going to be huge in 2017

Dean Martin – ‘Ain’t That a Kick In The Head’

It makes me feel Christmassy, I love the classic feel to it. It makes me heart and cherish music 🙂

J.Cole – ‘Deja Vu’

Frankee: This is my favourite track off of his new album, it’s just so good!

M.O – ‘Not In Love’ ft. Kent Jones

Frankee: This one has to be in there..


Liv Dawson

The saying goes like attracts like, and if those 18-year-old Liv Dawson is working with are testaments to her talent then we better expect big things for her in 2017. She’s already joined up with Olly from Years and Years and Disclosure’s Guy Lawrence for ‘Open Your Eyes’ and is has been working on her debut with artists including SG Lewis and Bruno Major.

Miguel – ‘Waves’ (Tame Impala remix)

Liv Dawson: I love this Tame Impala remix of Miguel’s ‘Waves’ – such good vibes from both of them on this track.

The Weeknd – ‘I Feel It Coming’

Liv Dawson: This track has such a good groove and everyone needs a tear jerker to dance to at one point in the night.


Black Saint

Amping things up a bit, London-based collective, Black Saint show us which end of the music spectrum they’re into, kicking things off with their ‘Could You Love Me?’. Made up of DJs, producers, singers and instrumentalists, Black Saint took to Toddla T’s stage at Carnival last summer and are promising to awaken Britain’s nightlife in 2017 with a series of special events.

What better way to get to know them than now?

Black Saint – ‘Could You Love Me?’

Black Saint: This is our debut. It’s a reflection of genres we love and a good introduction into our Black House sound.

Azari & Ill – ‘Hungry for the Power’

Black Saint: PARTY CLASSIC! Always goes off when we drop this into our sets, especially at a house party.

I Wayne – ‘Can’t Satisfy Her’

Black Saint: This is a classic example of why we love reggae/dancehall. Beats and bass-lines to liven up any party. Also lyrically has a good message.


Becca Dudley

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about getting da club moving it’s DJ, Beats 1 presenter, and all round music aficionado, Becca Dudley. Back in Notion 73, Becca gave us an insight into her world and the rising popularity of dancehall. Here she gives us her top tunes for tonight’s big night.

Konshens – ‘Burke Off Yuh Back’

Becca D: The ultimate bashment track of 2016. As soon as you hear the first bar of keys in the intro, you know it’s about to go down.

Cho – ‘Popalik’ ft. Stefflon Don

Becca D: I always play this in my sets and even when people haven’t heard it before, they turn UP! I think it’s the switch into the reggaeton style beat and Stefflon Don’s sass vocals – it get’s the ladies wining up and feeling niiiice!


Vanessa White

After a whirlwind seven years as member of one of the most successful British girl groups ever, Vanessa White has been concentrating on her solo work for the last couple of years, producing the sensual ‘Nostalgia’ and most recently ‘Low Key‘ ft. Illa J. Now, we’re waiting on her to drop her first solo LP.
Here are the songs the RnB songstress recommends you put on your playlist now

Ty Dolla Sign – ‘Zaddy’

Vanessa: Put this tune on at the party and I challenge anyone to not immediately drop it down low!

Solange – ‘Cranes in the Sky’

Vanessa: This is giving more mellow vibes than your typical NYE jam but the message here is powerful so it’s a great way to see in 2017. It’s such a beautiful song and as I’m sure everyone knows the words by now, it’s a good one to have a festive sing-along to with your crew and a glass of something sparkling.

Anderson Paak – ‘Am I Wrong’ ft. Schoolboy Q

Vanessa: It’s funky and soulful and a great way to keep the good vibes going. I absolutely love Anderson. Malibu and Yes Lawd – his collaboration with NX Worries – are two of my fave albums of 2016.

Destiny’s Child – ‘Lose My Breath’

Vanessa: Got to throw in some older school gems in a NYE playlist. R&B karaoke and choreography goals. Guaranteed to have everyone loving life.



2016 has been a big year for West London’s Angel, returning with force with ‘Fvxk With You‘ and ‘Hop On‘ with Stefflon Don. In issue 74 this summer, we talked to Angel about his new direction and him not wanting to make music to please the radio. However, with an album penned for 2017 and a list of hot collaborators both here and the US, 2017 looks set to place him as one of the UK’s finest songwriters.
He gives his tips on who else is going to be big in 2017.

Young MA – ‘OOOUUU’

Angel: She’s the future. Fresh new talent.


Prince – ‘1999’

MAAD: One word… TIMELESS. I feel like this song is a NYE staple. It’s LIFE.


Childish Gambino  – ‘Me and Your Mama’

I absolutely love this song, it has so much energy. It’s like a mixture of Pink Floyd and James Brown. I actually have his entire new album on repeat but this song holds a special place in my heart.

MAAD – ’90s Love’
I had to put this on the list! Not only because it’s one of my records off of my upcoming project ‘Lé Funk’ but because its a vibe that will bring you back to chill after being turnt all night.

Chance the Rapper – ‘All Night’ ft. Knox Fortune

MAAD: I’m all about the groove of this record! I appreciate Chance’s delivery and the fact that he has something real to say with his music.


Lion Babe

From one soulful babe to another, there ain’t no feelgood playlist without a little Lion Babe, who always bring a little old school funk to their style of RnB. We can’t wait to see what frontwoman Jillian is wearing to tonight’s soiree – we’re hoping big hair and bucket loads of glitter!

A Tribe Called Quest – ‘We The People’

ATCQ is one of our favorite groups of all time so we welcomed their return. This track reflects the current state of life in America and so many other countries. A reminder that we have to stay connected, creative and use our voices to stand up to injustice.

Childish Gambino – ‘Redbone’

We are so proud of Donald and all his success this year, so we salute him for this funky slow jam. We are old souls, so this Bootsy meets George Clinton tune gives us all the feels. A great one for if you are having an intimate gathering on the New yYar! Also, let’s not forget we all have to ‘stay woke’ in 2017. Awareness is key!



If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Mahalia’s music then you are missing out. The singer-songwriter makes brilliantly earnest, folksy tracks and her soulful, moving voice might actually reduce you to tears if you’re tuning in after a particularly heavy New Year’s Eve. To save your mascara, hear her top tunes in the mean time.

Rae Sremmurd – ‘Black Beatles’ ft. Gucci Mane

Because, WHY NOT?! I’ve been completely addicted to this tune ever since I saw the first #MannequinChallenge it gets everyone in the place so hyped. I love it.

Destiny’s Child – ‘Jumpin’ Jumpin”

This is the ultimate sing along for me and my girls. I just love hearing everyone singing and vibing together. YAAAAAAS!


Olivia O’Brien

You may not be familiar with newcomer Olivia O’Brien but you will definitely have heard her vocals on Gnash’s huge 2016 hit ‘I hate u, I love you‘ which features Olivia singing the hook.

If you’re not having gf/bf problems, then stick to these tracks tonight while the alcohol is flowing to avoid any midnight drunk texts to your ex.

The Weekend – ‘Reminder’

Olivia: Reminder is my favorite song from the new Starboy album. It’s just a great song and one that everyone should hear.

Kehlani – ‘Crzy’

Olivia: ‘Crzy’ is so fun and gets me and my friends super hyped up when we listen to it. We’ve listened to it so much that now we’re able to sing along to every word.


MiC Lowry

Has there been as much hype surrounding a boyband from Liverpool since The Beatles? Probably not, and there’s good reason to be hyped by these boys who spent this year touring with Bieber and racking up views for harmonious hit ‘Oh Lord’ which manages to bring Phil Collins into 2016. Speaking of…


MiC Lowry – ‘Oh Lord’

Mic Lowry: Coz it’s sick 😉

Luther Vandross – ‘Never Too Much’

MiC Lowry: Coz it’s a classic feel good party song



Liverpool is clearly becoming a creative hub, with our sorority girl from Notion 73, Tayá coming from the same after-school choir as MiC Lowry. Her choices reflect a little bit of what she’s into – big soulful choruses meets future RnB.

Miguel – ‘Adorn’

Tayá: Such a beautiful song, whenever it comes on everyone instantly gets all sexy. Plus it will forever remind me of when he drop kicked the poor girl at that awards show. 

Candi Stanton – ‘Young Hearts Run Free’

Tayá: Because I’ve never been at a party where this song comes on and no one dances, it always gets everyone up! Classic!


Sink the Pink

London’s party throwers, Sink The Pink, have kept us dancing to divas in shit wigs and fuck loads of glitter before it was even safe to walk down Kingsland Road past 9pm. Their parties are colourful, wild and ultimately legendary and therefore anyone who has a ticket to their last party of the year tonight can feel smug that tonight will be EPIC.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll be dancing to:

Little Mix – ‘Shout Out To My Ex’

STP: The sound of our year! We love the girls soooo much and we channel Glyns 5-year-old niece when we dance to it; she loves them as much as us!

Cher – ‘Believe’

STP: No party is complete without Cher.

Kelly Rowland – ‘Commander’

STP: Our girl Raven Mandella is back with us and she performed to this at our last ball at Troxy – it was a MOMENT!