We Asked 5 Influencers for their Top Tips When it Comes to Online Dating

Five influencers across music and fashion give us the lowdown on the questions they would ask a dream date.

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The dating world can sometimes be a tricky one to navigate, but thanks to the power of the internet and dating apps, it’s never been easier to find someone that ticks all the boxes. We’re able to connect with people more than ever, eliminating the usual time it takes to find that person that will join you on your next adventure.

While it’s much quicker to get that match, to connect with a person based on your preferences, we all know the internet gives license for people to put a ‘filter’ on certain aspects of their information, so it’s important to vet the person you’re chatting to and screen your date before agreeing to meet up. Thankfully, dating apps are becoming increasingly wise to potential catfish and are developing new ways to keep them at bay. Badoo, for instance, has multiple levels of screening for its users to lessen the chances of anyone creating a fake profile using other people’s photos. The most used dating app in the world, ahead of Tinder and Grindr, with over 370 million users, it verifies its user’s authenticity by asking them to take a selfie in the app and gives them a blue tick once a Badoo moderator verifies that person’s photo. Basically, you should always be sure the person you’re talking to is the real deal. What’s more, male users approaching female users have two chances to make an impression, as they have a two-message limit to any other user they haven’t matched with yet.

Still, even if we’ve verified the person we’re talking to, we all have those ‘ideal’ partialities we’d like our future bf/gfs to have – you know, those boxes we mentioned earlier? If they don’t share the same qualities, beliefs or obsession with Stranger Things as we do, are they really going to be the right one for us? Are they more of a music type like you or would their idea of date hell be heading to packed out gig on a Friday night?

We asked a few of our music and influencer friends how they would screen their would-be dates – what information would the absolute no-brainers and deal breakers they’d need to know before arranging a meet? Scroll down to see what they said.


Lorna Luxe

‘Breathe it all in, Luxe it all out’ is Lorna Luxe’s mantra and that’s what she does on the daily. Visit her page for the most luxurious style inspiration and get lost in the scroll. She’s a super blogger dedicated to the art of shopping and has grown her following to over half a million followers on her Instagram alone. Of course, a luxury blogger has luxury standards which you can see in her questions.

  1. Spaghetti hoops or spaghetti vongole because if you don’t like pasta, we can’t be friends!
  2. Would you prefer a weekend in Paris or a week-long trek in Peru? If your idea of heaven is my idea of hell, then it’s a Eurostar for one!



Emerging grime artist Fusion has been making waves over the past year, appearing in Notion 78 as part of the Identity issue. This year he dropped his second EP after the hugely successful ‘Newham’ and ‘Rudeboy’, cementing his status as one MC you need to watch. If you share the same music tastes though, he wants to make sure you’re watching the right person on stage.

    1.  I’m always going to ask where they come from, and more about their background, whether they are east or west.
    2. Then I’m going to ask what type of music they listen to. I mean if it’s anything grime related, I need to know who they are into!


Ella Gregory

Ella Gregory is the founding editor of lifestyle blog Coco’s Tea Party and co-host of the Let’s Discuss podcast. She lives in West London, can quote every Nora Ephron movie and has a weakness for men with American accents. She gives us two questions she thinks will help her figure out if the guy is right for her.

  1. If they could give a million pounds to one charity which would they choose?
  2. Who was their first celebrity crush?


Grace Victory

Blogger and presenter Grace Victory has grown her vast following with her unique charm and wielding her girl power attitude, exploring issues like mental health, as well as making her name known for her compelling documentaries. She wants to get to know potential dates on a deeper level… that’s of course if their star sign is compatible.

    1. I would ask what their star sign is. This is important because I cannot possibly date a Leo, lol!
    2. I’d also get them to tell me one redefining moment for you that allowed them to grow?



Underground icon Ghetts is known as a music stalwart and has collaborated with the best of the best in British music. Known for his hard-hitting lyrics and take on culture, Ghetts is working on his upcoming album, having released a teaser in the form of the epic ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ earlier this year. You’d expect his answers to be straight to the point, and true to style, they are.

  1. What’s her favourite food?
  2. Does she eat pork?


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