Balenciaga’s new luxury bag looks a lot like an Ikea tote

The Ikea shopper bag seems to have an uncanny luxury cousin.

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While the inspiration behind the new Balenciaga ‘Arena extra large shopper tote’ is still unclear, many are pointing to the iconic Ikea 99p shopper bag. We’ve all seen the electric blue tarped ‘FRAKTA’ bag from Ikea, with which we usually associate with hours of flat-pack furniture induced frustration and Swedish meatballs. Less often do we associate the shape, colour, or texture of the bag with luxury high fashion.

But now French luxury fashion house Balenciaga has changed the way we see the bag, forever. The Arena bag appears to be almost identical to Ikea’s shopper bag in terms of colour, shape, size, texture, and even style. Both bags have four straps, the only difference being the luxury leather and vibrant yellow Ikea logo on Ikea’s. Oh, and the £1,700 price tag.

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