Banfi’s new single might be the most savage breakup song of all time

Banfi flip break-ups on their head in the hilarious and depressing new video for Never Really Cared.

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There’s a long tradition of break-ups songs. From defiant pop howlers ala Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’ to scathing ballads like Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.’ It’s a broad spectrum and the aim of nearly all of them is to wound the one that ended the relationship. Artists can spend their entire careers trying to perfect this,  however often the most devasting break-ups songs are the simplest. Case and point is Banfi‘s new single ‘Never Really Cared’ a delicately penned, folk-tinged ballad that manages to eviscerate its subject in two heart-shattering lines mid-chorus. Moody drums and hazy vocals give way to an undeniably pretty chord sequence and poised falsetto from lead singer Joe Banfi as he sings unflinchingly “This whole thing / we’ve been through / I never really cared about you”. It’s direct, it’s devastating and to be honest, with its dry delivery and perfect timing it’s also pretty funny.

The group’s new video for the song takes that humour and runs with it. Premiering on Notion today it sees Banfi serving as a house-band of sorts for a series of break-ups. Initially straight-faced, with Banfi playing down the phone to a soon to be broken-up with beaux, it soon flips the narrative on its head with a series of break-ups that defy convention, the jilted partner embracing the track as a defiant anthem. Banfi stand awkwardly in the background throughout, exchanging pained looks and occasionally turning up outside of a bedroom window to serenade ex-lovers.

The whole thing is simultaneously depressing and weirdly uplifting, coming to a head with an astronaut flipping off the world as he floats through space. Speaking about the video, its director Dylan Holmes Williams said “Never Really Cared has got a brilliant and unique tone; somehow uplifting, depressing and funny all at the same time. I wanted to make a video that mirrored that. In the end, I didn’t have to do too much to build out the concept as there’s already a lot of caustic humour in the lyrics. I just added a cute dog and a ginger-bearded astronaut and let the music do the work.” Watch/listen to ‘Never Really Cared’ below. 

Banfi’s Jack Powell EP is out now, they play Oslo tomorrow night (March 22nd).

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