Be the first to watch the director’s cut of Solomon Grey’s ‘Wonderful World’

The video follows Dana and Blake, a homeless couple who find their strength in each other, in spite of each other.

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Solomon Grey followed up their 2016 debut EP with Human Music last month and the moving video for ‘Wonderful World‘ which documents the lives of a homeless couple living in San Jose in California.

Having endured a personal tragedy during the making of the second record, Joe’s mother battling a devastating terminal illness, the album took a deeper turn and the resulting LP is a rich tapestry of sounds that explore themes of love, loss and change throughout. A poignant tribute to the harsh complexities of life.

The third single taken from the album, the powerful ‘Wonderful World’ was written about Joe accompanying his mother to Dignitas and his conflicting feelings of experiencing both loss and comfort knowing she’d made the choice she wanted to make. The band partnered with Niall O’Brien on the visuals, using the photographer’s footage of a couple navigating a life on the peripheries of society, as many people continue to do in the States and elsewhere.

Having already released the official version a few weeks ago, we’re now being given a first look at the director’s cut which includes commentary from both the subjects of the film, Blake and Dana. The filmmaker ultimately made friends and became close with the couple while documenting their lives, discovering more about their journeys and importantly, their ability to find happiness even in the darkest of places. Once he understood the story behind the band’s heartwrenching track, O’Brien saw the similarities between the themes of the song and video and decided to collaborate on this film. Take a look at the director’s cut premiering below.

You can see more of the footage at an exhibition at London’s Sid Motion Gallery in April and listen to Human Music here.

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